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a large drinking glass (ovoid bowl on a stem) for drinking toasts

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The Rummer Tavern in Cardiff city centre has been refurbished - but it may have failed to get planning permission for a new sign PETER BOLTER
Posting on Twitter, James Munroe said: "Shocked to hear that one of my favourite pubs in Cardiff, the 18th century Rummer Tavern, has been stripped out and turned into a cheap sports pub.
Posting onTwitter, James Munroe said: "Shocked to hear that one of my favourite pubs inCardiff,the 18th Century Rummer Tavern, has been stripped out and turned into a cheap sports pub.
Agnon's seminal novel of Zionist migration and the failure of the idealistic visions of a Jewish homeland, Tmol Shilsom, Yitzhak Rummer "lives the same kind of essentially rootless existence that, according to Zionism, characterized Jewish experience in the Diaspora.
Det gode besog--sammenhaeng mellem centrale fund Det vaerste og det Besogets lindrende bedste ved besaget Besogsprocessen samtale Bekymring eller Fem faser bestaende af Lindrende samtale der tillid, ro, abenhed, * Tankeme for besoget rummer de parorendes glaede og livsmod.
Ralf Rummer and the Cologne-based phoneticist Prof.
Such an increase in warming leads to a loss of performance,' Rummer explained.
Prior to the new system, you never knew when a trailer was at the dock," says Leroy Rummer, receiving station manager at Ocean Spray.
In another study on existence and effectiveness of price support activities in Germany, Oehler, Rummer and Smith (2004) provided evidence for prevalence of price support activities by the underwriter.
Trooper Don Rummer had just gotten back in his car about 8:07 p.
Laser y Chemale (2007) identificaron un promedio inicial de underpricing de 298% en las ofertas de acciones en China dentro del periodo 1992 a 1997; Gunther y Rummer (2006) encontraron un resultado similar en IPO en Alemania, con una tasa de retorno de 45.
The Shakey's chain was founded by Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson and Ed Rummer in 1954 in Sacramento, Calif.
RUMMER, Anne (1999),: <<Die Europaische Union nach Amsterdam--Demokratie als Verfassungsprinzip der EU?
Bristol Old Vic Theatre School principal Paul Rummer said: "Bristol was very special to Pete and he considered his time spent at the school to be 'the best years of (his) life.
Neill Rummer shot wide at the start of the second half and Don Page had a rightfoot shot well blocked by Trevor Peake but the game was largely fought out in midfield where City did have the upperhand.