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Synonyms for ruminator

a reflective thinker characterized by quiet contemplation

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Troubled Minnesota independent bookstore, Ruminator Books, announced both good and bad news yesterday.
Here was the criticism's most eminent ruminator counseling O'Hara to be bold, stretch his wings, and flap.
DM: Bly recently wrote a short essay for the Ruminator Review called "Generations.
A ruminator can either be an optimist or a pessimist.
75 million not-for-profit corporate merger that houses four Twin Cities literary institutions (the Loft Literary Center, Minnesota Center for the Book Arts, Milkweed Editions, and Ruminator Books)--and you'll find yourself in a vestibule free of clutter.
Nellie Stone Johnson: Hungry The Life of an Activist by David Brauer Ruminator Books, February 2000, $23.
I never sat down and thought about how I want to live my life; I'm a doer, rather than a ruminator.
Eventually, a slight depression sets in and the ruminator becomes melancholy.
Ruminator Books,in St Paul, USA, has received items from important figures in the literary world, such as signed t-shirts and Paul Auster's broken reading glasses, to auction on eBay to help pay off the store's debt.