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Synonyms for rumbling

a loud low dull continuous noise

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continuous full and low-pitched throbbing sound


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Becoming an Approved Builder in such a great Lake Lure community like Rumbling Bald Resort makes us very proud.
People have reported hearing an initial loud banging, followed by rumbling and intense shaking.
The digestive juices also contain air that has been swallowed down as we eat, this gas is squeezed through the juices, creating vibrations which we hear as a rumbling sound.
New analyses of ground motions caused by large earthquakes suggest that it may be possible to estimate the full magnitude of such quakes immediately after they start rumbling.
With that initial assurance, NATO tanks began rumbling through Macedonia in the dark, and long columns of armored personnel carriers, ambulances and other military vehicles snaked through the streets to assembly points.
Rumbling onto store shelves with a brand-new engine developed by Pacific Coast Power & Light Co.
In the early 1980s, Katy Payne of Cornell University and her colleagues found that elephants' rumbling vocalizations contain pressure waves at frequencies as low as 14 hertz that can travel up to 10 kilometers across forests and savannas.
Discolored seawater seen over the volcanoes could indicate eruptions, but the timing of water-color changes doesn't match the rumbling of the unknown volcano.
After nearly three weeks of quiet along Los Angeles Avenue, the big rigs are rumbling down the city's main road again.
Vinyl junkie Davis, using the moniker DJ Shadow, layers snippets of mellow jazz-fusion, atmospheric sound effects, bits of classic rap records, rumbling bass lines and funky guitar parts, adding live drums to create something kind of new out of it all.
The agency also made public "Lake Nyos Revisited,' a preliminary report by two scientists sent to Cameroon by AID after a French and a Cameroonian geologist reported hearing rumbling and the sound of waves on the lake Dec.