ruling class

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the class of people exerting power or authority

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Nowadays, there is no Soviet bogeyman for the spies, the Tories, and the ruling class to use to frighten the British voters at General Elections.
It was about life in Cornwall at the back of the 18th century, and how the 'Status Quo' ruling class badly treated the people.
But, who oppresses the new ruling class led by Digong, the new Emperor of Metro Manila?
Secure in their control of the media, the entertainment industry, and academia, a member of the Ruling Class will adopt an ideal such as "social justice" when in government service and attempt to implement this vision of a "just" world by taxing and spending, thus redistributing wealth by taking money from one person and giving it to another.
This is a process that usually occurs when the regime arrives at a certain degree of tension, as a result of conflicts and social contradictions between the ruling class and the remainder of the society on the one hand, and the conflicts between the ruling class and the ruling community on the other side.
It's unfair to single out the Royals as Nazi sympathisers because it was widespread among the British ruling class back in the 1930s.
We no longer have aristocratic courts and inherited offices but our democracies are increasingly captured by a ruling class that seeks to perpetuate its privileges" - Steve Hilton, who was David Cameron's chief strategist, attacks what he calls the insular ruling class which runs Britain.
Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition
The problem in Pakistan is that the ruling class does not want to change the system.
The American ruling class cannot abide any interference with its imperialist operations.
But in 1961, British audiences were unused to figures who spoke like the ruling class, dressed like the ruling class, and simultaneously held the ruling class up for ridicule.
There are many in this country who like the idea of being ruled by the ruling class and being part of the lower orders, which is why the ruling class is allowed to continue on with it's exploitation and corruption.
This history begins, not surprisingly, with the granting of independence in order to see how independence entrenched a new ruling class with political parties to support it.
And we're big fans of the celebrated father of Communism ourselves, especially that great joke of his - the one about the revolutionary Proletariat becoming the new ruling class.
Let's get the flaws of The Ruling Class out of the way.