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a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior

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Those findings suggest that conservative cognition asymmetrically relies on fast rules of thumb to make decisions and that conservatives are less likely than liberals to engage in cognitive reflection.
From here on out, district judges likely will scrutinize damages theories applied by experts to see whether they are nothing more than rules of thumb," says Chris Renk, a shareholder at Banner & Witcoff.
As a result, Rules of Thumb is elevated from just another business advice book to a useful resource that anyone can learn from and enjoy.
This brief section only scratches the surface with three rules of thumb and three quantitative measures.
In my new book, Signal Integrity: Simplified, I have collected 100 useful rules of thumb.
The bottom line: rules of thumb are acceptable starting points, but a transaction needs to take into consideration the operating characteristics of the practice being valued.
Rather, it used rules of thumb to simplify its analysis.
Rules of thumb for determining the risk a company should retain may be outmoded and misleading.
CCCS offers these rules of thumb for those heading out to shop.
Some molders select barrel temperatures, screw speeds, and backpressures using rules of thumb that may not provide appropriate or optimal melt quality.
These rules of thumb would need to be tailored to your individual situation by documenting actual results.
Formulas and rules of thumb The most commonly used rules of thumb are revenue multipliers, however, their application may lead to inaccurate results.
of exactly 2,688, rules of thumb," all concise, all selected to