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Synonyms for ruler

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Traditional rulers have lately become target of kidnappers because they know that if they are able to kidnap an Oba, it would be a concern for everybody in the community and the ransom put on a traditional ruler would also be on the community.
The UAE Rulers wished King Salman good health and well-being and expressed wishes of prosperity and progress to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people.
A toxics watchdog has warned parents of lead-tainted toy rulers being sold outside schools in Metro Manila.
Dip the end of the ruler into the cup of water and dry it off.
HM the King welcomed Fujairah Ruler, hailing deep-rooted bilateral relations bonding the two brotherly countries, stressing Bahrain's keenness on bolstering joint cooperation.
Hiebert (1984) suggests that this is because some students learn a procedure for reading a ruler without really understanding that the answer represents the distance between the beginning point and the end point of the object.
A transparent curved fashion ruler, sometimes called a Styling Design Ruler, aids in measuring and drawing curves.
On the occasion of UAE's 42nd National Day, the Rulers and Crown Princes of the seven emirates gathered at UAE President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan's Al Mushrif Palace in Abu Dhabi on Monday, national news agency WAM reported.
A Curragh maiden scorer in April on his debut, Ruler Of The World went to Epsom on the back of a six-length call in the Chester Vase.
Ruler Pro is an handy pocket tool used in geometry, technical drawing and engineering/building to measure distances and/or to rule straight lines.
Once both sovereigns were invested with ruling powers, the main task and expectation for the female ruler was to produce an heir, while her husband had to take primary responsibility to govern his wife's territory, especially in relation to military affairs.
She conjectures that it would have been 'a cultural and political shocking experience' for the 'average Malay' to witness 'his Ruler performing self-demeaning exercises such as bowing in the direction of the Imperial palace as a mark of homage to the Emperor' (p.
And in the latter countries, the voter's opinion represents nothing more than a fingerprint used by the ruler to obtain a blind approval on his decisions.
The ruler of Sharjah since January 1972, Shaikh Sultan is a pragmatist when it comes to business.
A metal ruler is a must for DIY *because it is sturdy and rigid, and you cannot score into it accidentally with a craft knife, unlike a plastic ruler.