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the act of making a piece of equipment rugged (strengthening to resist wear or abuse)

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Like the current G2 Ruggedized Z-MAX copper outlets, the G2 Ruggedized LC adapters are inserted from the front with the locking nut positioned behind the faceplate.
An addition to Siemon's existing Ruggedized LC Fiber Solution, the new Gen2 (G2) Ruggedized LC adapters combine the premium performance of Siemon's LC fiber connectivity with durable, proven IP66/IP67 ruggedized shells to provide a best-in-class fiber connectivity solution for harsh environments, noted the company.
Intergraph is also exhibiting its suite of ruggedized shipboard hardware solutions, including new single- and dual-screen pedestal consoles, a bulkhead console and wall-mounted displays.
Under the agreement, Datametrics will purchase CRAY EL94 central processing units (CPUs) and components from Cray Research to manufacture the ruggedized version that can withstand the rigors of extreme environments such as those found in shipboard, airborne, submarine and ground-mobile applications.
Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS), the innovators of the High Speed, Hard Drive Forensic and IT Image MASSter[TM] and Rapid Image[TM] Data Duplication product lines, announces the availability of the Image MASSter[TM] Solo-4 built in an easy to carry, ruggedized case with a Cable-Free design.
The overall worldwide market for ruggedized PC products is expected to grow from $1,498 million in 1999 to over $2,481 million in 2004, representing a 10.
Available options for the ruggedized V2LC now include: 25, 33 or 50 MHz 80486 Central Processing Unit speeds; up to 128 MByte RAM; 640 x 480 Active Matrix VGA Color Display or Enhanced Monochrome VGA Displays; 120, 200 or 500 MByte Removable Hard Disk Drives.
The Rambo-II employs an Intel[TM] 7500 DuoCore2 processor delivering the most powerful computing horsepower available in today's market for a ruggedized mobile platform.
The new Toughbook 27 integrates Panasonic's ruggedized design with an Intel(R) Pentium(R) III 500MHz processor, 512KB pipeline burst L2 cache, 64MB RAM standard, 2.
The combination of ruggedized Itronix terminals with Telxon's expertise in wireless communications provides the company's customers with additional wide-area and local-area network capabilities across a broad market.
L), a global provider of mobile computing solutions, has joined forces with RACO Wireless to provide customers with a comprehensive ready-to-go package of ruggedized mobile devices and data solutions to simplify their Return on Mobility[TM].
18 ~PRNewswire~ -- A portable wide-format copier contained in a commercial ruggedized transit case that is customized to meet the field mapping needs of the military has been announced by Xerox (NYSE: XRX) Engineering Systems.
The DuraNET 2955 is a ruggedized version of the Cisco 2955T-12 Ethernet switch, a fully managed industrial-grade network switch offering 12 Fast Ethernet ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, and Cisco IOS[R] software functionality for traditional data, video and voice services with enhanced intelligent services features for additional security, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), high availability, and manageability.
The V652M is a ruggedized, handheld version of MSSI's VISION V652 wall/ceiling-mounted reader introduced last December, and is fully compatible with all Sapphire family tags.
It is expected to be one of the major drivers for the overall growth in the ruggedized mobile device market, alongside traditional product categories such as mobile phones, PDAs, tablet PCs, and fully ruggedized notebook PCs.