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Synonyms for ruggedisation

the act of making a piece of equipment rugged (strengthening to resist wear or abuse)

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Graseby has a reputation for identification and ruggedisation of appropriate technologies for incorporation within integrated biological warfare agent detection systems for worldwide applications.
New opportunities to improve productivity and operating efficiencies are expanding as computer technology improves in speed and ruggedisation.
The M250-CX units will include all of the next-generation improvements developed during the phase one program, which include increased power output, further integrated battery management and charging capabilities, additional ruggedisation and reduced overall size and weight.
According to GE, the small size, low weight, and ruggedisation of its products are integral to the RDR-1700B Multi-Mode Radar System, which has already been chosen by Northrop Grumman for Fire Scout.
On the hardware side, these systems were born as commercial items and thus some form of ruggedisation is obviously required to allow them to survive battlefield abuse.