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Synonyms for ruff

an external body part consisting of feathers or hair about the neck of a bird or other animal


Related Words

a high tight collar

common Eurasian sandpiper

(card games) the act of taking a trick with a trump when unable to follow suit

play a trump

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Ruff oversaw many milestones, including increased production with a new state-of-the-art production plant and the shipping of the company's meat products nationwide.
Pre-sale tickets include the Ruff Ryders pre-sale, Live Nation and Live Nation mobile app pre-sale, American Express pre-sale and Internet pre-sale.
Ruff said organizers plan to do "something fun and funky" to build on what's left of the dragon structure.
After getting back to camp and some food in him, Ruff trails off into a deep sleep.
But he did not brake or swerve until after he "ploughed into" the back of Mr Ruff 's bike, she said.
Ruff Dawg products are sold in most local pet stores, and the company's distributors have sold its products to Pet Supermarket and PetSmart.
Mrs Ruff said: "The chapel has been up and running for a few weeks and it is already proving very popular with guests.
Ruff reportedly was scheduled to speak about the missal in eight dioceses.
But W Ruff was also a coursing reporter, and although no likeness of him appears in any turf publication, he features among many personalities depicted in Andsell's famous Waterloo coursing picture of 1840, reproduced in Blanning and Prescott's book 'The Waterloo Cup'.
He has to ruff the third diamond for fear of losing a club but is then short of entries to his hand.
The Prendergasts opened Ruff Day in June 2006 at 2123 Lincoln St.
Representatives from the Friends of Comfort Women in Australia and former comfort woman Jan Ruff O'Hearne will meet with politicians in Canberra on Aug.
KEY TECHNOLOGY +1 509 529 2161) announces the promotion of James Ruff to Vice President of Research & Development.
By comparing these measurements with the body proportions of modern humans, Ruff estimated that Otzi had a muscular build.
In the West, we hunt bottomlands for Ruff, but the ridges, where conifers replace deciduous brush, hold blue grouse.