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No, sire," he replied, "I alighted at the Hotel de Madrid, in the Rue de Tournon.
The Rue Richelieu and the Rue Villedot were then, owing to their vicinity to the ramparts, less frequented than any others in that direction, for the town was thinly inhabited thereabout.
We had been talking of horses, if I remember aright, just before leaving the Rue C .
Roch were aroused from sleep by a succession of terrific shrieks, issuing, apparently, from the fourth story of a house in the Rue Morgue, known to be in the sole occupancy of one Madame L'Espanaye, and her daughter Mademoiselle Camille L'Espanaye.
Jules Mignaud, banker, of the firm of Mignaud et Fils, Rue Deloraine.
Alfonzo Garcio, undertaker, deposes that he resides in the Rue Morgue.
The permission was obtained, and we proceeded at once to the Rue Morgue.
He is at a livery stable in the Rue Dubourg, just by.
Rokoff must have known that I frequently passed through the Rue Maule.
Well," said D'Arnot, "among other things, it has taught you what I have been unable to impress upon you--that the Rue Maule is a good place to avoid after dark.
Now we shall go to my great friend in the department and fix up this matter of the Rue Maule.
My children," said the official, "here is the gentleman whom you met in the Rue Maule last evening.
He saw that she knew nothing of the occurrence in the Rue Maule, nor did he mention it, fearing that it might distress her.
When the editor-in-chief was in possession of the precious foot and informed as to the train of intelligent deductions the boy had been led to make, he was divided between the admiration he felt for such detective cunning in a brain of a lad of sixteen years, and delight at being able to exhibit, in the "morgue window" of his paper, the left foot of the Rue Oberskampf.
Epoque' that discovered the left foot of the Rue Oberskampf.