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Synonyms for rudiments

Synonyms for rudiments

a statement of fundamental facts or principles


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In contrast, those fed intermediate and high-food diets had well-developed rudiments (Fig.
Bellman presents some high points in the theory of elliptic functions for upper senior or first-year graduate students who are familiar with the rudiments of the theory of functions of a complex variable and with the usual manipulations of series and integrals that analysts use.
Magiciens sans frontieres s'est deplacee de pays en pays pour presenter des spectacles d'illusions gratuits mais aussi pour implanter des ecoles de magie oE de jeunes candidats apprennent les rudiments de l'art universel de la prestidigitation.
Rudiments of Flight is elegiac and celebratory, dauntless in its exploration of both the "soul's geometry" and the metaphysics of everyday minutiae.
The Muzangs, who are going around the country to promote the sport and teach the kids the rudiments of the game, are being supported by SM Supermalls and outfitted by Accel Philippines.
Born in 1965 in Gujrat district's village of Lakkhan Wala, Haider learned the rudiments of classical singing from Ustad Sadiq Hussain and Ustad Nazar Hussain.
The vehicle has electronic differential lock to the front wheels, a front bumper with a distinguishing honeycomb grille and vertically staked fog lamps, along with LED-imbued headlamps, wider sills beneath the doors, a deeper rear bumper with integrated diffuser rudiments, chromed tailpipes and 17-inch wheels in Volkswagen's familiar Denver design, fitted with 225/45 profile tyres.
com/lakimeramusic The Rudiments Doctor Bone's Fried Medicine PAUL Weller pretending to be Kyle from The View?
He also asserted that multimedia have became one of the main bases in formulating several life trends within any contemporary society, while stressing the importance of tapping into modern technologies to draw up a security media system based on scientific rudiments, and sophisticated methodical frameworks.
In the book, Andy Sernovitz explores the rudiments of word-of-mouth marketing.
The Cadets are taught sailing, the rudiments of building and maintaining boat engines, rock climbing and drills.
A TV source said: "He wanted a lesson that shocked them into understanding the rudiments of biology.
Young Quinlan has been on board horses and ponies since the age of three and first learned the rudiments of race-riding in the Charles Owen series of pony races with the likes of Felix de Giles, Rhys Flint and Jake Greenall.
Researcher MarE[degrees]a Loureiro, from the Rudiments of Economic Analysis Department of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the USC, explained to SINC: "We made 1,600 observations; we included multiple choice questions so that people could choose a product for its attributes.