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Synonyms for rudimentary

Synonyms for rudimentary

of or treating the most basic aspects

Synonyms for rudimentary

being or involving basic facts or principles

Related Words

being in the earliest stages of development

not fully developed in mature animals

References in classic literature ?
She does understand herself, she has some rudimentary control over her own growth.
At the same time, it is possible to conduct rudimentary thought by means of images, and it is important, sometimes, to check purely verbal thought by reference to what it means.
Hermann's baggy cotton gowns had some sort of rudimentary frills at neck and bottom, but this girl's print frocks hadn't even a wrinkle; nothing but a few straight folds in the skirt falling to her feet, and these, when she stood still, had a severe and statuesque quality.
Led on by some rudimentary aspirations towards right, and encouraged by the judicious stimulation of an occasional ten-pound note sent to him by devious methods, he has once or twice given me advance information which has been of value--that highest value which anticipates and prevents rather than avenges crime.
A unicornuate uterus with a rudimentary horn is a rare Mullerian abnormality that may cause many gynaecological and obstetric complications.
Background: An unruptured third trimester rudimentary horn pregnancy is rare, life threatening, and can go undetected until the onset of symptoms.
The men worked with rudimentary tools, forging this road largely by hand.
Some 76 new house keys were handed, on Friday, in La Marsa-based Bhar Lazrag, for the benefit of needy families in replacement of their rudimentary dwells in Sidi Amor, in Kram-Ouest.
Aa Police found three rudimentary warheads and arrested a man during the raid in the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zwaid, close to Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip.
The journal Nature said they revealed the Panderichthys fins had rudimentary fingers in its fins.
People have gone back to rudimentary heating techniques now that oil prices are fluctuating," 70-year-old Maroun Aoun told The Daily Star as he gathered logs in a forest near Jezzine.
From the rudimentary "fuzzbuster" devices of the 1960s to the three-prong approach of EA-6B, TTPs, and commodity coordination of today, aircraft survivability equipment has come a long way toward insuring our ability to operate safely in an increasingly complex threat environment.
Although none of the Peacemakers spoke Arabic, they were able to make rudimentary conversation with one of the captors who spoke some English.
Smithson left only a rudimentary sketch of the proposed topography and landscape, so had to be creatively second guessed on several issues, though he did specify the presence of a weeping willow and moss just so on a particular boulder.
They performed rudimentary ballet exercises, apparently the building blocks of dance.