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Neither did the famous British diplomat Duff Cooper who, like Waugh, was prone to outbursts of uncontrolled rudeness and irascibility.
The most frequent occurrence of rudeness is in the form of loud talking on cell phones in public, an occurrence that 78% of Israelis reported to encounter often or all the time.
And with those incredibly annoying self-serve tills in Asda and Tesco, our new-found rudeness and impatience have found their just desserts.
RUDENESS at work can lead to mistakes, experts said.
Summary: Rudeness at work can lead to mistakes, experts have said.
London, July 07 (ANI): Rudeness at workplace leads to mistakes, according to a new study.
BULLYING at work has doubled in the past decade with a record number of people suffering rudeness, criticism and excessive workloads, new research revealed today.
What wisteria and alcohol are to Faulkner and fishing and bullfights to Hemingway rudeness is to Roth" writes the author.
He notes that polite people may be overwhelmed by the rudeness that confronts them every day--loud cellphone conversations, aggressive drivers--and can feel tempted to be rude in return.
After all, you want to be extra polite to the guy who literally wrote the book on rudeness.
On average six out of 10 complaints alleged either neglect of duty, rudeness and intolerance or common assault.
On a public relations front, West Bromwich Albion's refusal to take part in a civic reception to mark the team's return to Premier League football will be regarded at the very least as bad manners, if not rudeness.
Rudeness and selfishness seem to be the order of the day because we don't know any better.
Rudeness is part of life in many big cities but Los Angeles surely ranks near the top -- from road rage to the cold indifference of government bureaucrats when dealing with the public.
If there were a prize for animal rudeness, a small South American bat would surely be in the running.