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Synonyms for ruby-red

of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Coralline-patterned tablecloth by Palmer Smith for of ruby-red wild ginger and baby the Table, $204, matching square napkins, $20 each; placemats by Kim Seybert, $75 each; Seychelles-patterned dinnerware by L'Objet, $27 to $57; napkin rings by L'Objet, $64 for a set of four; rectangular tray, $114 , and ice bucket, $140, by L'Objet in the Oceania pattern; flatware by Alain St.
The protein is responsible for blood's ruby-red color.
Bush since 1994, created the peacock-blue tunic and slim skirt the first lady wore to the president's swearing-in as well as her ruby-red ball gown, a Chantilly lace dress that won rave reviews from critics for following "Mrs.
My imagination is of fire-breathing dragons, of princesses who wear ruby-red satin dresses and blue silk gowns, of mermaids and dwarfs and princes, too, of wizards and sorcerers and magical things, of crystal-clear lakes and golden honey, of diamonds and jewels hidden in rivers and streams, of fairies that fly on green and blue wings, of beautiful stars and sunsets and rainbows, of angels that fly throughout the clouds, of crystal lights in the sky,
A LOVELY, ruby-red colour with the aroma of sweet black fruits.
com's Modern Romance - red tulips topped with a frill of pink Alstroemeria, laced with a curvy red wire and arranged in a ruby-red cube vase, $59.
Rare Cask's rich ruby-red whisky celebrates three of The Macallan's greatest prides: exceptional sherry-seasoned oak casks, rich flavor and beautiful natural color.
She builds a yellow brick road on stage and wears ruby-red shoes like Dorothy's in ``The Wizard of Oz.
Buildings across Wales were bathed in a ruby-red glow in aid of a charity campaign.
The decision affects the vinification of the top Beaujolais grands crus, famous for their delicate berry taste and ruby-red colour.
This week's star buy is a youthful, powerful, dryish but fruity ruby-red from Argentina.
Attractive deep ruby-red with the smell of ripe, red-berried fruit.
Instead of drying the plums, as for prune juice, juice is quickly extracted and cooled to maintain all the nutrients and a fresh, crisp plum flavor along with a ruby-red appearance to make PlumSmart(R) Plum Juice.
Made from grenache grapes, this ruby-red Spanish wine is great value.
RUBY-RED colour with fruity aromas of blackberries and black cherries.