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Synonyms for rubricate

place in the church calendar as a red-letter day honoring a saint

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furnish with rubrics or regulate by rubrics

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decorate (manuscripts) with letters painted red

sign with a mark instead of a name

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2) Called "The Lady" or "His [Esmoreit's] Mother" in the rubrications of the original text.
3) Called "The Young Man" in the rubrications of the original text.
ix and San Marino, Huntington Library MS HM 131, two AV-1419:A(c) manuscripts of the MEPB, show rubrication styles similar to those of the second rubricator of MS 003183.
Whoever the scribe was, rubrication took place after the text had been copied, and copying and rubricating may have been done in sections.
Rubricator 2 takes over temporarily for the two folios 21v and 22r before turning the rubrication back over to Rubricator 1 for the remainder of that quire, through folio 29v, after which the hand of Rubricator 1 never reappears.