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Synonyms for rubicund

Synonyms for rubicund

inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life

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drunkards innumerable and indescribable--some in shreds and patches, reeling, inarticulate, with bruised visage and lacklustre eyes--some in whole although filthy garments, with a slightly unsteady swagger, thick, sensual lips and hearty-looking rubicund faces--others clothed in materials which had once been good, and which even now were scrupulously well brushed--men who walked with a more than naturally firm and springy step, but whose countenances were fearfully pale, whose eyes were hideously wild and red, and who clutched with quivering fingers, as they strode through the crowd, at every object which came within their reach;
In the 1922 memoir "Old Bloomsbury," collected in Moments of Being, she recalls a party hosted by Lady Ottoline Morrell, where she came upon a prime specimen of howling manhood in full regalia: "Winston Churchill, very rubicund, all gold lace and medals, on his way to Buckingham Palace.
Martin was drinking with William Gybbons, whom he described as "a hail fellow, well met [and] rubicund of jowl .
It was to be the ideal union, although they seemed at first an illmatched couple: he was squat and rubicund, she tall and elegant.
hand rubicund cheeks and all, fermenting amid the permafrost in a surfeit of Kossu surrounded by a herd of raucous reindeer.
But Snaith, a small, round, rubicund figure in his 80th year, now looks back more in amusement than disgust.
Going against Gemma's orders, he exhumed her body twelve days after her death and found her heart to be fresh and rubicund.
Ackland, as the spluttering, rubicund Sir Milton, is enjoyably Falstaffian.
Thorwaldsen's rubicund Falstaffian face and dangling dapple-grey locks are not at all as heroic as his statues.
Of course, Sir Ian prefers to pick holes in himself and claims the description of Sir Leigh in the book is "inappropriate casting" - he's small, round and rubicund with white balding hair, "while I'm rather gaunt and narrow".
An indulgent smirk creasing his rubicund, overfed face, Winslow continued: "I hope that in whatever part of the world your lot may fall, you may be faithful subjects, and a peaceable and happy people, I must also inform you that it is His Majesty's pleasure that you remain in security under the inspection and direction of the troops that I have the honor to command.
Mount a constant vigil around the rubicund figure of Jimmy Calderwood who is now considered the best thing that has happened to the Granite City since an oil-man drilled a hole at the bottom of the North Sea.
Yorke that prefaces this slim but nicely produced study presents the image of a rubicund tea-drinking tweedy Englishman--the epitome of the trusty professional whose name is synonymous with the non-ideological no-nonsense technically solid strain of modern architecture that gathered pace during the later 1930s and reached its apogee in the first wave of post-war national reconstruction.
The anti-hunting campaign springs not from any aversion to cruelty to animals but the cultural and historical associations of stirrup-cups, rubicund, John Bull-like masters of fox-hounds, little girls with ponies and hard hats (superficially resembling baseball caps, but culturally expressing a world of difference), red coats and pinks, bugle-calls and horsemanship, and in general a form of colour at odds with manipulable mass-culture.
has magically been preserved in Bardolph's rubicund flesh, which is