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Synonyms for rubicund

Synonyms for rubicund

inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life

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His nose had a rubicund tinge, which, together with the twinkle of his eye, might have marked him as a lover of the wine cup and good fellowship; notwithstanding which tokens he appeared ill at ease, and often glanced around him as if apprehensive of some secret mischief.
There's someone who's pleased with himself," she thought, as she saw a fat, rubicund gentleman coming towards her.
Having received his literary friend with great cordiality, he conducted him to the interior of the Bower and there presented him to Mrs Boffin:--a stout lady of a rubicund and cheerful aspect, dressed (to Mr Wegg's consternation) in a low evening-dress of sable satin, and a large black velvet hat and feathers.
His face, however, had expanded under the influence of good living, and a disposition remarkable for resignation; and its bold, fleshy curves had so far extended beyond the limits originally assigned them, that unless you took a full view of his countenance in front, it was difficult to distinguish more than the extreme tip of a very rubicund nose.
Their palette comprised rubicund reds, arctic pink, sapphire blue, carbon grey and burnt sienna mined from the depths of the planet's glory, and the appreciation for the designs was evident as this was the only collection to get repeated applause and hoots at the show.
His Mr Fullerjoy, with his rubicund spectacles and round-faced features, represented his readers all through World War II and was loved by Echo readers in the same way as Gren's Ponty and Pop characters would be in more peaceful times.
The artist found the reds of the hummingbird's gorget that I saw at the flowers--forsythia or jasmine, no, fuchsia--outside Lauren's mother's kitchen window (Ginny identified it as an Anna's hummingbird) depending on the cant of its head, depending on the way the flower's cocked, rapidly roving the range of reds--scarlet, crimson, vermillion, maroon neckerchief on the range or a top-shelf harlot's corset or burlesque dancers' garter driven by hunger and commerce, see red, red in tooth and claw, cerise, cochineal, damask, sanguine, carmine, fulvous, rubicund, rubescent, titian, red Japanese lady beetle red; those beetles were brought from Japan to eat aphids in pecan groves and they invade our house in the fall collecting in the corners of the ceiling.
Later in February a well-loved figure returns to the podium, Andrew Litton conducting Elgar's rubicund 'Falstaff' and joined by the thoughtful Freddy Kempf in Prokofiev's finger-crunching Piano Concerto no.
for a moment at Shreve leaning forward into the lamp, his naked torso pink-gleaming and baby-smooth, cherubic, almost hairless, the twin moons of his spectacles glinting against his moonlike rubicund face" (147).
Old New York was ruled by a few families, of which the Ralstons were one; "[t]he sturdy English and the rubicund and heavier Dutch had mingled to produce a prosperous, prudent and yet lavish society" (84).
It was to be the ideal union, although they seemed at first an illmatched couple: he was squat and rubicund, she tall and elegant.
hand rubicund cheeks and all, fermenting amid the permafrost in a surfeit of Kossu surrounded by a herd of raucous reindeer.
Small, roundfaced, with soft rubicund cheeks that bore no relationship to her hard, black nut of a heart, Minnie would write the name.
But Snaith, a small, round, rubicund figure in his 80th year, now looks back more in amusement than disgust.
Going against Gemma's orders, he exhumed her body twelve days after her death and found her heart to be fresh and rubicund.