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Synonyms for rubbishy

Synonyms for rubbishy

cheap and inferior


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As for the professional trader, the Jellaba, he in baronial eyes was an equally undesirable immigrant, battering on the villages, selling rubbishy goods at a vast profit, and introducing venereal disease.
MENU BEFORE Breakfast: nothing Lunch: really rubbishy food, micro noodles, ready meals Dinner: McDonald's, kebabs, Chinese AFTER Breakfast: Weetabix with skimmed milk Lunch: sandwiches Dinner: WeightWatchers recipes
Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing almost nothing except sport, crime and astrology, sensational five-cent novelettes, films oozing with sex and sentimental songs which were composed entirely by mechanical means.
And, furthering this series' trend for really rubbishy rewards, Lord Sugar treated them to a "private karaoke party" - which, roughly translated, meant singing Queen's We Are The Champions in cheap glittery cowboy hats amidst the still stacked chairs of a closed All Bar One.
PLANS to improve markets in Northumberland have been dismissed as stupid and rubbishy by civic leaders in one market town.
While rubbish for the average Dane tipped the scales at more than 800 kilos, the Czechs were the least rubbishy, producing a comparatively abstemious 300 kilos or so.
Crazy paving, or just plain old rubbishy normal paving?
Having children makes a huge difference, because once again you start to see it through their eyes a little bit and you have the perfect excuse to sit down and watch rubbishy Christmas films.
I loved being a child, I love children, I love toys, rubbishy sweets and children's films.
If the Queen Alexandra Stakes is to be preserved over its present trip perhaps it could be turned into a relay race, in which the rubbishy sprinters who are the main product of the breeding industry in these islands today could be formed into teams to undertake half a dozen segments, the finish of which could each arouse some animation among the remaining soporific racegoers at that time of the afternoon.
Heavy" waves are kick-ass swells as opposed to rubbishy wind chop.
You don't need education or any rubbishy theories" (99).
A good quality bike bought from a specialist outlet pays for itself many times over because it can stand-up to kid-abuse and will need less maintenance than a supermarket special that will have rubbishy bearings, weak components and shoddy welding.
The present rubbishy rightwing Bush Administration seems very likely to make a terrible botch of its success.
In recent years, many of these have been replaced by a collection of extraordinarily rubbishy new structures that somehow manage to look both tired and brash at the same time.