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North Warwickshire Borough Council sifted through the rubbish and found a bill relating to a property in Faringdon, Tamworth.
I have far more recyclable rubbish than any other, but no bins to put it in.
Pupils and staff from local schools took part in a litter pick where they collected 16 bags of rubbish.
Liverpool City Council said: "We arranged for this rubbish to be removed and are working with the landlord to remove other waste from the property.
The rubbish was dumped in the play area off May Street, Crosland Moor.
However, some of the area is an illegal dumping ground for rubbish, such as unwanted household items including mattresses, fridges, sofas and irons.
Why can't they get W the unemployed a job cleaning all the rubbish o the streets?
This collection day my recycling rubbish was left again.
Last month the GDN reported that the beach was covered in waste, including computer monitors, domestic rubbish, dead birds and even a dead horse that had been left to decay.
Painted Rubbish owners expect this move to improve classroom attendance due to additional space as well as widen its customer base.
What's more, you haven't a clue how to clear up the rubbish.
A COMMUNITY group is asking the public to donate their rubbish to use in a pantomime in the woods above Llanrwst this Easter.
Sharjah The Residency and Naturalisation Department in Sharjah has launched a year-long campaign to crack down on illegal residents who collect rubbish.
I DO my best to cut down on the rubbish we churn out every week.
I too am saddened by how much there is but it isn't helped by the lack of rubbish bins on the streets.