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Synonyms for rubbery

having an elastic texture resembling rubber in flexibility or toughness


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difficult to chew

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Their shells are hard to crack, an omelette made of them is hard and rubbery, and the eggs do not rot even after many days on the shelves.
While UA6 and UA7 both create a rubbery coating with 10% crosslinker on resin, UA6 has several advantages over UA7.
He awoke to feel Deezy slithering over him and he grabbed its rubbery snake body and swung it at the wall, then ran out the house, never to return, and he later broke up with Kelly.
This work builds off general guidelines to specify optimum geometries and dimensions to obtain accurate DMA results in the glassy region through the rubbery plateau for thermosetting polymers on a specific instrument.
However, if you just saute and overcook them in the process, you are removing all the water the prawn holds, and this gives the rubbery feel.
Manufacturers of ABS soon discovered that incorporating methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer into the SAN rigid phase and tinkering with the composition of the rubbery phase resulted in matched refractive index values and hence high transparency could be achieved.
When researchers immobilized the rubbery spot (by gluing on a dot of polyester glitter), spinning yellow jackets lost about 80 percent of their wing tip area.
You are rather rubbery with the statistics too, claiming "an overwhelming majority of English citizens come here to earn money".
4 Chef Martin Dobson shows easy ways with unusual eggs 5 Emma Jenkins has some advice for brides on ditching rubbery chicken in favour of tastier reception food 6 The Old Cottage has had a revamp, is it worth a visit?
Previous research showed that the powders were stable below the glass transition temperature, the temperature at which an amorphous solid changes from a rigid, glassy state to a rubbery, viscous state.
This compilation of research describes the use of differential thermal analysis and scanning calorimetry in analyzing the additives, characteristics, and interactions of rubbers and rubbery materials.
I don't do TV anymore because they won't let me do what I want to do," grumbles the 46-year-old rubbery comic.
As the rubbery sheets are flexed and stretched, the PZT generates electricity.
The chorizo from Asda (***) boasted succulent meat, but the fat was rubbery.