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Synonyms for rubberneck

a tourist who is visiting sights of interest

a person who stares inquisitively

strain to watch

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I hope that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) are out there to issue fines to all these rubberneckers.
RUBBERNECKERS have been condemned for filming the aftermath of a fatal crash in Coventry.
Flippin' rubberneckers are bad enough, but taking a photo while driving as well.
Cojuangco said that if the POC and PSC don't put the clamps on Asiad hopefuls, they will end up sending a bunch of rubberneckers.
Either way, the merger should be a spectacular sight for cosmic rubberneckers.
If you were working at a RTA scene or involved, I suspect you would rather the road was closed to protect you, especially from the hoards of rubberneckers driving past.
Reader, my mind is made up: if rubberneckers can take coach tours to goggle at the stars' homes in the Hollywood Hills then Tillside Tours are the next new thing.
It may have been the feeling of 44,000 rubberneckers witness ing the car crash of one man's career.
Because we have the Expressway's southbound side to ourselves, drivers on the northbound side, which is usually congested due to rubberneckers watching the cyclists cruise along, frequently direct epithets in our direction.
The environment at PK Park is not one for baseball fans; it is a curiosity for gawkers and rubberneckers, and the few true fans of the game who might still go there eventually will be driven away by the high cost, the incessant noise and the distractions.
Kaiser said the operation was top secret from the beginning, given months of bad press, public concern about the animal's continued captivity and fears that rubberneckers would swamp the hotel area and possibly compromise the effort.
The rubberneckers could be lured to Sharmans Cross Road in their droves intent on seeing what can only be described as a car crash.
The matrons were trying to provide a human shield to protect the lady's dignity from the rubberneckers in the passage.
Expect broken glass, peel-outs, and rubberneckers not afraid to laugh long, loud, and hard when you take a spill.
The Gotham city (no, not that one) preem of "The Dark Knight" on July 14 jammed the pavement with rubberneckers on Broadway and 68th as stars and execs arrived at the Imax theater to watch the latest installment of the Caped Crusader's adventures.