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having an elastic texture resembling rubber in flexibility or toughness


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So how can rubberlike performers bend farther than the accepted range?
The Lockheed Martin rocket is a hybrid - consisting of a rubberlike solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer.
Structure and Properties of Rubberlike Networks, Oxford University, 1995.
There is a new line of digital scales -- with the HDL 109 and HDL 110 models -- that features an extra-large platform constructed of a comfortable, rubberlike material.
The rubberlike stuff is invented by Professor Ned Brainard (Robin Williams) and soon all the baddies in town want to get their hands on it.
Anaeorobic sealants are composed of methacrylates, and involve two chemical systems: 1) a monomeric system that polymerizes, in the absence of oxygen, into a rubberlike compound, and 2) an initiator system that starts the polymerization reaction.
There, murals of Amerindian life of long ago surround the displays, products made by RWS, and artifacts contributed by different villages, items such as a blow pipe, rubberlike figures sculpted from the balata tree, and numerous ax heads discovered in the Rupununi savannas.
Real space gloves have rubberlike tips that help the astronauts grip objects.
This contrast agent fixes the structure of rubberlike materials, allowing keeping their shape when observing them by TEM.
Unlike the standard TPEs, the new Monprene products are said to retain their rubberlike traction when wet, while providing the same elasticity and other key mechanical properties.
The riser and limbs are finished in Realtree APG camo and protected with In Velvet, a rubberlike wear- and chemical-resistant coating.
Pumped into a tire through its valve stem, Amco explains, the patented polyurethane liquid replaces all the air and cures into a resilient, synthetic rubberlike core in 24 hours.
Stiehler, "Committee D11 on Rubber and Rubberlike Materials, eightly years of standardization," ASTM Standardization News, August, 2002.
As many as 80 parking spaces could be closed Monday through Friday to allow Pioneer Waterproofing to replace the rubberlike coating on the Parcade's ramps and parking areas.
It comes with four colored brush heads and features an ergonomic handle with a rubberlike grip.