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One year after 10 of the current 15 council members rubber-stamped a big pay raise for workers in the Department of Water and Power, they find out that the head of the department deceived them to get their approval.
Richiusa believed the current board lacked independence and usually rubber-stamped decisions by college administrators.
At the Board of Supervisors' meeting the following Tuesday, the complex item was rubber-stamped without discussion.
The council traditionally has rubber-stamped the float association's pick, but the controversy this year raised questions about who should have the final say.
Funny, but that's what Jerry West said to the Doc when he rubber-stamped the D.
After all, they have rubber-stamped each others' sweetheart deals for years at the expense of taxpayers and transit users.
They rubber-stamped all three of them and said, we'll fix that, and they did.