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At the high court, Mr Justice Sullivan rubber-stamped an order preventing any demolition unless emergency works are needed to protect the public.
Army Corps of Engineers has rubber-stamped development along the natural waterway without studying the ecological impacts.
The electorate bought the sell that new trustees would provide great team work and the whole system would get along fine as long as the trustees rubber-stamped the Administration's proposals.
It is expected they will have rubber-stamped what has been submitted, which will allow Craig Levein to get pen put to paper, which is good news for Hearts fans.
According to a New York Times article about the Enron scandal in the United States, Enron directors rubber-stamped misleading financial statements of the companies executives.
Requests for wiretaps, routinely rubber-stamped domestically, could face the scrutiny of a foreign government.
The federal government had received the state's historic designation and rubber-stamped it," said attorney Gary Rosenberg.