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small genus of South American trees yielding latex

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Rubber trees aren't the only plants that make isoprene.
An analogy can be drawn between rubber tree planting in the Dailue society and sugarcane plantations in South America as examined by Sidney W.
In this context, the Agronomic Institute of Campinas/SP (IAC) in partnership with Embrapa Agricultural Instrumentation (CNPDIA) is developing research projects for the rubber tree genetic improvement and NR characterization.
Their biomass extraction chain in Ghana harvests redundant rubber trees and processes them into woodchips, which are then sold to European powerhouses and energy traders in order to displace the burning of coal.
Introduced by French colonists, and soon exploited by international businesses including the French tire company Michelin, Vietnamese rubber trees were decimated by Agent Orange, a substance used by the American military as a defoliant in an attempt to deprive the Vietcong of ground cover.
Asian rubber tree plantations have supplied the vast majority of the world's rubber since the 1870s, and Asian manufacturers now produce nearly 85 percent of the world's condoms.
Manalu has been distributing rubber tree seedlings to farmers in this rural western Indonesian province and encouraging the farmers to plant the trees in land long left idle.
Then the bare rooted trees went in, with a strong stake to support them, and a rubber tree tie to stop them blowing around too much, then we topped off the holes with more manure and soil improver.
Rubberwood, rubber tree, parawood, para rubber tree, heveawood, Malaysian oak, arbol de caucho, seringa, seringuera, capi, jeve, sapalapa, sibi-sibi, shiringa, white teak
The First World War had brought home the risks of being cut off from the rubber tree plantations of South East Asia, and it was becoming increasingly apparent that reliance on foreign sources was a dangerous business.
7,000 rubber tree seeds out of the Amazon basin, Brazil, which was the only place they grew.
Traditional latex rubber gloves are made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea braziliensis.
Choose one of our five no-fuss favorites, from the classic rubber tree to an exuberant ponytail palm.
When two scientists are kidnaped who have connections to rubber tree research and plant pathogens, the CIA wants Pacheco and Luz Stella to investigate, and they make a deadly and intelligent team.
Ficus trees such as the rubber tree (Ficus elastica) were hit particularly hard, whether in Apple Valley or Woodland Hills.