rubber eraser

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an eraser made of rubber (or of a synthetic material with properties similar to rubber)

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There are mice designed to resemble Mickey Mouse; there are upside-down mice, called trackballs; there are small, flat surfaces built into a keyboard with which a moving finger maneuvers the screen cursor; and there are devices squeezed between the H and J keys of a keyboard that look like a rubber eraser at the end of a pencil (wriggling the tip steers the cursor on the screen).
I showed them how to use their fingers to smudge the charcoal to create a feeling of depth and mystery on the mask and also the use of a kneaded rubber eraser to draw into the charcoal lines.
Devised by the sometimes-Sanaa-based Salwa Aleryani, the work is made completely from rubber erasers.
The most common are rubber erasers, paper wads, pebbles, beads, marbles, beans, safety pins, washers, nuts, sponges, and chalk.
We added color with relief prints carved on rubber erasers or simply by adding colorful stickers.
The prototype was made of wood, poster board and rubber erasers, but the students now want to build their desk for trial sale, using a cast iron base and plywood desk.