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The default position of local government is always to be against change, and most councillors in Birmingham are probably more than happy to rub along with the status quo.
I like minarets in the way I like steeples: architecturally graceful and beautiful, but in multicultural societies where we all have to rub along together it is one thing to have private places for people to pray and another to have an electric speaker close to your house blaring out another's faith; which is what sparked the 'minaret' row in Oxford three years ago.
Your ability to rub along well with different types of people means that there can be more than one event like this.
A country where most people will do our best to rub along with our neighbours irrespective of race or religion It's also a country where the cancer of sectarianism is passed through the generations to scar communities, spill blood and sour lives.
I understand the positive motivation behind the instructions, but really, the truth is we'd all just rub along fine if we stuck to common courtesy and mutual respect.
And they rub along the edges of fields, mostly after dark.
We've got two grown-up children and I would say we rub along better than most couples I know.
But as pic progresses, the wives manage to rub along quite nicely, the real fireworks emanating from Sago's mother, Sagonda, whose championship of Duka is a mixed blessing.
But why should this matter to a practice with a solid client base which is quite happy to rub along from year to year?
For the other three sides, I stapled stiff, 2-inch-wide plastic screening (the kind used when plastering joints between wallboard) onto the walls to stick up and rub along boards in the roof as it is opened and closed.
The test kit includes a time proven, easy and painless cheek swab that customers rub along the inside of their pet's cheek to collect cells.
Children left to themselves compromise, negotiate and work out fair rules so the group can rub along together.