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Eurasian tree with orange-red berrylike fruits

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Since mid-2015 we have divested five older jack-ups (Rowan Louisiana, Rowan Juneau, Rowan Alaska, Rowan Gorilla II and Rowan Gorilla III).
Rowan, worth [euro]80million, moved to his London home.
Following the acquisition of these drilling rigs, ARO Drilling distributed excess cash of approximately USD88m to each of Rowan and Saudi Aramco maintaining each party's 50% ownership interests in the joint venture.
Following the purchase of these drilling rigs, ARO Drilling distributed excess cash in the amount of approximately $88 million to each of Rowan and Saudi Aramco maintaining each party's 50 per cent ownership interests in the joint venture.
When asked by the prosecutor why he could not employ a driver, Rowan replied: "The hours I work are absurd.
This call urged Olivia to reach out to her dad once again, but Rowan was uncooperative.
Rowan Choice, now in its second year, has grown from 150 to 250 students.
lt;/i> Sometimes Rowan stays only a few minutes, sensing that
In fact Rowan, 61, was so concerned about taking on the mantle of the serious "ordinary" detective that he turned it down - and producers spent more than a year trying to convince him to do it.
COVENTRY City FC are liaising with the family of Rowan Fitzgerald over an appropriate tribute to the Sky Blues-mad youngster who died in the Coventry bus crash.
When Irene Sparks Rowan stepped off a plane in Bethel she carried a white umbrella and wore white boots, a white hat, and a pink raincoat.
12 March 2015 - The boards of UK-based wealth advisors Towry and Ashcourt Rowan have recommended an increased offer of 333 pence in cash plus a principal amount of 16 pence in new loan notes per Ashcourt Rowan Share in their deal for Towry Finance to buy the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Ashcourt Rowan, the firms said on Thursday.
Rowan Saxton, 12, completes gruelling cross-country runs with his pet dog tied to his waist in the hardcore walkies.
David MacKay, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court yesterday the offence was the latest of a series by Scott Campbell Rowan against family members usually motivated "by dislike of the victim rather than greed itself".
DISCOUNT CHANNEL WHOLESALER ROWAN 01266 592000 has appointed Laura Bull as its new Commercial Manager.