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a house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side and sharing common walls

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Created by Eric and Debra Von Frohlich, fitness industry veterans, Row House is a boutique rowing concept that strives to give people of all different fitness levels an efficient, high-cardio, full-body workout in less than one hour.
Michael Borello, assistant fund manager at Aviva, said: "I am very pleased the market recognised the successful implementation of our asset management strategy for Keel Row House, with the level of interest reflecting the quality of the asset and the strong positive attributes of this regional market.
Second, put the ductwork inside the town house or row house.
This is why Motzkin Group is launching Park Terrace, luxury row houses in Bangalore.
Today, the Baltimore lot on East Chase Street where Chen's three-story row house used to stand is vacant.
Each row house has warm distinctive design character with a private green space.
Beardyman: One Album Per Hour, Gilded Balloon - Debating Hall, Teviot Row House.
A couple in their 70s lived in a two-story row house that blew up about 10:45 p.
The homes are a free-standing row house design, with narrow but deep build-outs and some yard on either side.
The row house reborn; architecture and neighborhoods in New York City, 1908-1929.
Quartered in a refurbished late 19th century row house, this northern Kentucky establishment is located in Covington's MainStrasse Village neighborhood, just a shuttle ride from downtown Cincinnati.
In September 2006, HUD negotiated a similar settlement with the now-defunct SouthStar Funding LLC, Atlanta, which allegedly refused to make loans on any row house valued at less than $100,000 and on all row houses in Baltimore.
The neighbor had confronted Keegan over cigarette smoke that was wafting from the latter's row house into the neighbor's home, causing his daughter to have trouble breathing.
The 37-year-old administrative specialist purchased a $104,000, three-bedroom row house in the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia in October 2006.
The roofs and windows address the challenges of the standard row house by sculpting natural light and fresh air into the center of the home," said Kaufmann, founder and principal of Michelle Kaufmann Designs.