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the fullness of a tone of voice


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the quality of being round numbers

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2 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that people tend to relate roundness with sweetness and angular shapes with bitterness.
The machines can also be used for 3-, 4- and 6-inch pipe offering the benefit of reduced pipe out of roundness, particularly on 6-inch pipe, resulting in no requirement for re-rounding on site when the pipe is uncoiled.
Here we present an intention to assess disadvantages of the evaluation of these errors according to roundness reference measure (template) and the proposals for elimination of these disadvantages.
Taylor Hobson, a global leader in ultra-precision measurement instrumentation, has introduced a breakthrough metrology instrument that is able to perform three core measurements: roundness, form and surface finish on a single platform.
This has a wonderful roundness, a pleasing fullness in the mouth," said Michael Mordecai, local baker and guest taster.
8221; Machining problems related to surface finish, feature location, and roundness are all significantly affected by spindle performance and thermal effects.
Three grape varieties produce the classic champagne blend - pinot noir (a black grape for strength and body), pinot meunier (a black grape for roundness and fragrance), and chardonnay (a white grape for freshness and finesse), and cellar masters have billed the latter as outstanding this year.
The methods used for assessing sphericity involve measuring roundness profiles of a sphere in several cross-sections.
In earlier studies [1,2,4] it is shown that the geometry of a roll is not perfect after grinding, but a varying amount of irregularities exists in the roundness profile of a roll.
This has two tables and two cameras with a turn-over system, which checks the dimensions of the pieces both sides, top and bottom, internally and externally including roundness.
Other topics include an experimental study on suppressing chatter vibrations with different helix angles end-mill, a template-based process planning system for special bearings, the effect of cutting edge roundness on work-hardened surface layers in metal cutting, and electrical discharge machining characteristics of electrically conductive ceramics.
The RS 51 MSY turning center with live tooling, C-axis, Y-axis, and sub-spindle offers vibration control, thermal stability, and accuracy, resulting in part roundness, surface finish, and statistical process control--SPC--capability.
CHAMARRE SELECTION SHIRAZ MERLOT is a blend of shiraz, which brings freshness and structure, and merlot, contributing roundness, for an elegantly structured wine with ripe red berry flavors and hints of pepper and spices, according to the winemaker.