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the fullness of a tone of voice


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the quality of being round numbers

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Although the above-mentioned studies analyzed the effects of the number and the amplitudes of circumferential lobes on bearing lubrication with consideration of elastic deformation of the bearing shell and journal, the influence of the roundness phase (the angle of the roundness geometric shape along the journal circumferential direction) is ignored.
Then there's tangyuan or rice balls, the roundness symbolizing, not wealth, but togetherness, important in family reunions.
042) underlined in Table 3 show that the main effects "Material" is significant for G-ratio and surface roughness which, unlike feed rate and material, are not significant for roundness error.
Best enjoyed as an Espresso, Variations Sachertorte combines the balance and roundness of the Livanto Grand Cru with soft chocolate and apricot notes.
Normally associated with red meat, this Mouton has spent time in oak to give it roundness and heft to take on any dessert.
Crafted using a mixture of ex-sherry, port and sweet wine casks to produce a whisky made from a selection of malts and grains, there's a richness and roundness to the fruit flavours with notes of sweet caramel and vanilla.
In addition to morphological observation in root cross sections, this study quantified the radial impact of compacted soil on root surface and vascular cylinder by measuring root roundness (R) and flattening (F) of vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides L.
By varying the length scale, we can distinguish three different quantities such as the sphericity, the roundness and the roughness, which describe the morphological characteristics of nanostructures.
In both cases, the dimensions represent roundness of the center hole.
A visual and / or television inspection of all new networks in order to verify the characteristics of the inner state and geometry of pipelines (diameter, roundness, presence of wane or against-slopes, presence of penetrations connections, material, compliance with the manufacturer~s assembly standards, runoff network, etc.
Sweet bread, stern in your eternal roundness, I sneak pieces of
Honing dramatically improves bore diameter size uniformity and accuracy, surface finish, and roundness throughout the length of the barrel.
Any error in the diameter or roundness of the conductor or insulation in coaxial and twisted-pair LAN products directly impacts the cable's performance.
In addition to selecting the most appropriate brush grade for a given application, ensuring the roundness of a commutator or slip ring is crucial to lengthening these parts' service life.
Featuring the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the roundness of Merlot, Carmenere has recently been growing in popularity in the U.