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the property possessed by a rounded convexity

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Lukacs frequently makes reference to the comforts of the world's lost roundedness that seems to have become a jagged edge in modernity.
A very similar construal is found in two congenitally blind subjects (CBG)--one person feels the wind moving the branches while she is playing with her dog in the middle of the forest, while the other says that he is standing on the pebbly shore of the lake and feels the roundedness and smoothness of the pebbles under his feet.
Both narratives are told by their respective characters, giving each a roundedness that otherwise would be absent.
The roundedness of the Goldberg polyhedra might make them useful for applications where a spherical shape matters--say, for designing better patterns of dimples on a golf ball.
The decoration, by contrast, is deliberately hyper-realistic and evokes a roundedness, implying a similitude despite being a two-dimensional drawing.
The three objectives of this experiment were (1) to ascertain whether the three so-called weak full vowels should be described as such or whether they are better described as reduced vowels, (2) to determine the quality of the central vowel, and (3) to measure the extent of roundedness of all vowels.
Doyle Award recipients are seniors, majoring in economics or global studies, who demonstrate "academic success, character, well roundedness and potential within the field.
99 until Jan 30) is a juicy, youthful red with more spark and less mellow roundedness than is typical of many an Oz shiraz.
57) I have included statistics pertaining to either the past six years (including the past five full years for roundedness, plus results through 2009) or since Judge Ciparick began serving on the Court of Appeals in 1994 for a complete synopsis of her participation.
In this temporal roundedness or completeness, Islam furnishes the believer with what the modern agnostic or atheist lacks: the assurance of truth but not just of any truth--a truth that is firmly rooted in a specific space and time.
I can't help noting the effeminate roundedness of the gentlemen and the pigeons and the inflated "bust" of the gentleman in figure 2 modeled on the Pouter pigeon in figure 1.
One reason: Porn addiction often is "a mediator for deeper problems, usually unreal with, such as depression, anxiety, roundedness from family dysfunction, sexual abuse and impaired social skills.
The sheen of the marble supplies the auratic luster that both men appreciated; but the "form" of the statue, its dimensionality or roundedness, is the sign of its depth of significance, and the source of its dignity.