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the property possessed by a rounded convexity

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Using experimental methods, detection of roundedness is generally associated with formants 2 (strongly connected with front ~ back articulation), 3 and 4.
Educators and parents constantly reinforce the importance of good grades and social well roundedness.
After all, much of today's theater depends upon stylization and improvisatory playfulness, as opposed to the assumed roundedness of naturalism; the fragility of appearance can be in itself a source of pleasure.
The description challenged Macmillan to remove passages he feared too seductive for his readers; most famous of the many changes Tennyson made for Macmillan is the following description of an Oread quoted from Every Saturday, reinserted by Tennyson for the American edition because "they are not so squeamish as we are" (Letters, 2:483): "how the sun delights / To glance and shift about her slippery sides / And rosy knees, and supple roundedness, / And budded bosom-peaks.
This has come at an opportune time for our students, who will benefit from the roundedness of the programme.
Bagayoko's relentless push for committed participation in coursework, seminars, conferences and the well roundedness of the program.
They were not asked to solicit a right or wrong answer; they were just to get to know the particular candidate, their background, their well roundedness, what they have to juggle in their lives, time commitments," Pozzuoli said.
Also a part of its well roundedness is the company's staff of approximately 125 people that work on new product development.
He later concludes of Baldwin's work as a whole: "While Baldwin could conceive of the viability and simultaneity of the homosocial and the homosexual in his own life, perhaps something in his fictive imagination prevented him from ascribing such complexity and roundedness to his representation of a black gay subject.
He appreciates the roundedness audiences require in a newspaper - meaningful news both local and foreign, current events analyses, in-depth business reporting, intelligent sports coverage, thoughtful treatment of culture and entertainment.
The curved front also echos the Twister's roundedness and makes it more approachable for the end-user, as well as more distinguishable from similar instruments.
To deny her the full roundedness of her humanity would be to do her a disservice.
Testing the hypothesis that the roundedness of CLI peaks helps explain why obtaining advance warning of recessions is so difficult involves regressing the recognition lag at CLI turning points against alternative measures of roundedness.