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Synonyms for rounded



Synonyms for rounded

deviating from a straight line

Antonyms for rounded

curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged

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Kamau's lovingly observant, roundedly recognizable portrait of Doris is constructed from his own tributes--"her morality," "her generosity," "her courage"--and from his vivid, character-revealing memories: the motorbike she rode in London's rush-hour traffic, the computer which she mastered "long before the current craze" (191).
3C) simple, elongate, pointing dorsally, terminating at half the height of the supracoxale, the apex narrow and roundedly pointed, considerably exceeding the orifice, the latter far beneath the apex.
Thoracic pleura and sterna: Each side of proepisterna provided anteriorly with a thick collarlike tumescent ridge delimited by deep transverse furrow, posterior margin of mesopleurite roundedly projecting posteriad just ventrad of humeri; mesopleuron without peculiarities; metapleuron with a well-developed scent gland ostiole situated slightly mediad to middle of metapleuron, associated with a long, evenly curved peritreme of various length (Fig.