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Team of Islamabad police in different round-ups arrested Atta Masih, Sabir Khan, Aamir Niaz Shakeel, Mazhar Abbas and Pervez and recovered aforementioned material from their possessions.
You can read Cottrell's entries, daily round-ups on race and poverty news items and other posts from the Reporter at www.
BILLY SLOAN ULTIMATE 80S MOVIE HITS Various I love these ropey round-ups and you need to be of a certain age, too, to appreciate the nostalgic value of Let's Hear It For The Boy by Deniece Williams.
Clubs wanting their match reports published in the Gazette should email their round-ups before 8am on Mondays to: sport@eveninggazette.
Italian authorities have periodically launched round-ups of North Africans accused of links to terrorist groups but so far the Mediterranean country has avoided any major attacks.
uk/championsleague-final TOP 10: Anderson and the most outrageous sporting wagers GOSSIP: Football transfer round-ups and news updates with videos throughout the day BANTER: Phil Hull singing, ginger Thierry Henry, Pantsman and more at blogs.
The Sports Network's announcement states it "has indicated that it will offer, within its sports, such needed items as national and international stories, sports columns, agate that can be customized but which already includes standings/major results/schedules/stats and more, round-ups, summaries for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, top 25 basketball and football, national briefs daily, this day in sports history, photos in association with Getty Images and include coverage of some 60 plus special events as part of their branded technology, as part and parcel of the overall package and price.
The commands vary from familiar "gathering songs" sung by cowboys during manual round-ups, to irritating sounds such as sirens, and even mild electric stimulation if necessary to get cows to move or avoid penetrating forbidden boundaries.
In the fall, round-ups will be scheduled in Leaburg and Florence.
The problem is the movie is to be shot in Germany--and the Nazi's have started their campaign against Jews that includes humiliations, discriminations, round-ups, and eventually--the death camps.
That's No Where To Hyde, owned by the man always referred to in ante-post betting round-ups as 'legendary gambler JP McManus'.
The significance of the post-September 11 period--the round-ups, secret detentions, registration of Muslim males and raids within immigrant communities--all of the new policies and practices of the war on terror take on deeper meaning when considered against the backdrop of immigration and race politics within the last two decades.
The round-ups in Sharm El Sheikh and elsewhere on the Sinai Peninsula appeared similar to police operations following blasts last October.
It focuses on profit opportunities based on market trends and includes updates on market activity and daily round-ups of major markets.
Regular elements of North-East Vision will include expert insights into important commercial areas, round-ups of key events, appointments and promotions, environmental issues, arts and leisure, community initiatives, young entrepreneurs, health, technology, and industrial pioneers.