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the activity of gathering livestock together so that they can be counted or branded or sold

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a summary list

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the systematic gathering up of suspects by the police

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In the fall, round-ups will be scheduled in Leaburg and Florence.
The problem is the movie is to be shot in Germany--and the Nazi's have started their campaign against Jews that includes humiliations, discriminations, round-ups, and eventually--the death camps.
That's No Where To Hyde, owned by the man always referred to in ante-post betting round-ups as 'legendary gambler JP McManus'.
The significance of the post-September 11 period--the round-ups, secret detentions, registration of Muslim males and raids within immigrant communities--all of the new policies and practices of the war on terror take on deeper meaning when considered against the backdrop of immigration and race politics within the last two decades.
The round-ups in Sharm El Sheikh and elsewhere on the Sinai Peninsula appeared similar to police operations following blasts last October.
It focuses on profit opportunities based on market trends and includes updates on market activity and daily round-ups of major markets.
Regular elements of North-East Vision will include expert insights into important commercial areas, round-ups of key events, appointments and promotions, environmental issues, arts and leisure, community initiatives, young entrepreneurs, health, technology, and industrial pioneers.
Palestinian leaders said the assassination of Ismail Abu Shanab had ruined what was to be an imminent campaign against the militants by Palestinian security forces that would have included arrests and weapons round-ups.
25 million pounds of recyclables during this year's spring recycling round-ups, which are funded in part by the state's Department of Ecology.
The report will include filings, new complaints, national news round-ups, breaking news, and trial updates and summaries.
The round-ups could heighten tensions between Pashtuns, Afghanistan's largest ethnic group, and the Northern Alliance, which is dominated by ethnic Tajiks and which controls the interior and other key ministries.
Janine Yvette Gardner the Round-Ups editor for BIBR.
The daily releases include "two press round-ups (economic/financial and general) and includes as fixtures coverage of the currency markets and the Milan bourse.
Described as the ultimate buyers guide to kitchens and bathrooms, it will be packed full of ideas, including round-ups of the latest kitchen and bathroom ranges, real-life makeovers and tips and advice.
It was an attempt to communicate the terror of the round-ups suffered by West Africans beginning nearly 400 years ago, but it was the night's most misguided and cavalier gesture, an act of amateur agitprop in an evening of otherwise often ghostly poetry.