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Synonyms for round-shouldered

having the back and shoulders rounded

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I'm sorry I said that the rats in that hotel were round-shouldered," he announced at the beginning of his next show.
I am still round-shouldered with a forward head, and I still get occasional headaches.
Small, dark green, and round-shouldered, it's one of the more available fresh chilies and packs a lot of heat into its 3-inch length.
He was a rent collector whom I knew by sight, a short, round-shouldered, pigeon-toed man of middle age, with a pouting oval face and the first pair of rimless spectacles in Dan y Graig Street.
After working on the computer for prolonged periods, try targeting the upper back to open the chest up and decrease the common, round-shouldered posture we see everywhere.
Also, I'm getting round-shouldered because the weight of my bust is dragging me down.
They are also in danger of regressing to the shapes of their Neanderthal ancestors as long hours spent slumped in front of computer and television screens are causing them to become round-shouldered and stooped.
The gap between the wealthy and the working class was vividly illustrated by a line of round-shouldered, gray-suited office workers observing a butler serving a couple so blase they never noticed the almost-nude man and woman stretched out on their table.
Even a round-shouldered slump while in front of the computer is preferable to being ramrod straight, they found.
Slouching makes you look shorter, fatter, round-shouldered and droopy-breasted.
MEN are getting fatter and round-shouldered - and could end up looking like our prehistoric ancestors.