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a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance

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Located in historic Round Top, Texas, The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts and its sole project, Round Top Festival Institute, were founded in 1971 by world-renowned concert pianist James Dick.
The Round Top project is based on a Tertiary rhyolite intrusion that is enriched in both heavy and light rare earth elements (REEs).
Tottenham will not admit the problem in public, but the word has flashed round top European clubs that they might entertain a sale for the attacking midfielder in their next upheaval.
IN the Division Two Cup second round top of the table Great Float S&S snatched a last gasp victory over Birkenhead Vale.
DERRYHEADS, immaculate tunesmiths and all round top bananas Deep Fried Funk have a busy weekend ahead of them.
In the 1880s, Owen and Jason Brown built a cabin above Pasadena, near a hill they named Little Round Top after the site of a decisive Union victory in the war they helped to launch.
In other fifth round top board games, Mohammed beat Dinishan, Roshan defeated Jaffer Al Roomi, Ali Abbas edged out Jimi Tabuzo, Shaker Alafoo beat K K Prabhakaran, Khalil Bukhalaf downed Raksha and Mansoor Bukhalaf defeated Sayyed Hafid while Rajeev was held to a draw by Filipino Renalto Castillo.
All told, Driggs Farms equipment includes four ice cream sandwich machines, each with a production capacity of 150 sandwiches per minute; a Hoyer bullet pop l, capable of producing 50 dozen units per minute; a 4-quart and 5-quart pail filler that can fill 30 pails per minute; a Hoyer flat bar ice cream line producing 34 dozen units per minute; and a round top ice cream cone line making 150 cones per minute.
On the battlefield, you can look from Little Round Top (at right) down into Rebel sniper pits in the Devil's Den (the circled area).
They took a Bassinet helmet - a light helmet with a round top like those used by fighting men in the middle ages - period costumes and wooden arrows.
Box 89, Round Top, TX 78954; (979) 249-3086, fax: (979) 249-5078; alaind@festivalhill.
Joshua Chamberlain's desperate defense of the Union left on Little Round Top.
The barrier had a round top with the bottom of one entire side trannied up with 'crete.
Among the most significant of these advancements was the reintroduction of the wood Round Top as an energy-efficient, wood window capable of replicating historic design trends.