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a tournament in which every contestant plays every other contestant

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a letter signed by a number of people

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I think in the football because of the steps we've taken it'll be a very minor issue as well but I think that we've dealt with the round robins as well as you possibly can.
A Central Council motion, which called for the Munster and Leinster SHCs to be run on a round robin basis, passed narrowly with 62% of the 153 delegates present voting in favour of it, just passing the 60% majority required.
Round robins have a bad name because they tend to take one of two formats.
If we all sent round robins to each other once a year then we'd simply be exchanging random information with no dialogue.
Results of the first round robin were published in 2001.
According to the cTnI Committee Chair, Stephen Kahn, PhD, DABCC, FACB, the committee will conduct a third and final round robin in 2004.
Subsequent presentations reviewed the results of round robins sponsored by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and SEMATECH showing large divergence between optical- and capacitance-based methods.
Arcadia High School also made it through the round robins to be one of two other California teams, along with Mission San Jose High School from Fremont, to enter the double elimination rounds.
Historically, round robins have been offered on an informal basis, so that labs failed to receive consistent feedback regarding performance.