round of drinks

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a serving to each of a group (usually alcoholic)


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The hearing was told violence flared after a man and women were left out of a round of drinks bought for regulars by the designated premises supervisor, a pub official with day-to-day responsibility for running the business.
Once you've reached your financial goal, you can move the funds over to your Becuzz Visa card and buy a round of drinks.
The site consists of a number of sections, each offering a unique digital experience, including Knot or Not (an interactive guessing game), Diction-cherry (comedic content centered around cherry terminology and nightlife lingo) and Round of Drinks (cocktail recipes).
Following the March 14 bigscreen screening of the season-five premiere of AMC's "Mad Men at the Cinerama Dome, celebrants gathered a few blocks down Sunset at Boulevard 3, where they engaged in another round of drinks, dining--and torture.
com Smokin' THESE smokey styled deep wine glasses should bring an air of sophistication to any round of drinks.
Carlsberg is standing a round of drinks for the regiment, which recently returned from Afghanistan, and Ladbrokes are giving free bet vouchers.
According to the 35-year-old British builder, a round of drinks in Paphos, consisting of a beer, two vodka and cokes and a lemonade came to the princely sum of 20 euros.
Firstly Demi bought a round of drinks -then tripped on her dress and spilt beer down herself
The Cameroon star returned late from his Christmas break - and was ordered to buy a round of drinks as punishment.
I looked forward to eating but went into the bar area to buy a round of drinks and ordered a pint of creamflow bitter beforehand.
Research by brewer SABMiller found 82% of Brits--more than in any other country in Europe--were more likely to buy a round of drinks than split the bill, compared with only 10% of Germans.
Mark Brown, 36, left the turntable and headed for Colin Williams, who was about to sit down at a table with a round of drinks, Durham Crown Court was told.
Hospital porter Barry Holme was stabbed to death after a row about a round of drinks in 2001 by William Boland, of Vanguard Street, Anfield, who was given a life sentence for the crime.
West Hollywood, say ``Happy 13th anniversary'' if you visit there this month and ``your first round of drinks will be complimentary.
c) If you are challenged and are unable to properly respond, you must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and the group being challenged.