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a file with a circular cross section

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Round teeth take a question-mark shape because of the rounded side plates, and most chains specify what size of round file to use.
To maintain proper undercut, the top of a round file needs to protrude over the top plate just slightly (about 1/8 inch).
Apply a flat file to the device's back surface or a round file to its curved front surface.
Old-timers who remember those golden days in which recipients didn't look at a letter's postmark to determine quickly whether or not to toss the letter into the round file, too often exist--and function--in the past.
You can even use a small round file or rasp to contour the clamping surface of the clothes pin to better encase the screw shank.
Those you toss into the round file without a second thought.
If a college had promoted the availability of tutoring services to me when I chose a college 10 years ago, I certainly would have filed that viewbook in the round file.
If the term is pretentious and redundant, let's put it where it belongs--in the round file.
Since it could do no better than "This Nation," the certificate ended up in my round file.
Many have, however, supplemented the old round file, and the boilerplate response letter, with voice mail and Internet baskets that can filter unwanted contact into the digital round files and boilerplate email of our silicon age.
If she didn't want to respond, she could have tossed the envelope in the round file.
The central hole can be cut with a fine-tooth saw, but careful use of a round file will be needed to precisely size the hole for a nice push-fit with the focuser tube.
The lynx, says Mitch Friedman of the Alliance, has been confined to "the black hole of the controversial species round file.
Use a round file to slowly increase the size of the hole until the grip fits the rod blank along its full length, and the grip slides down the tapered rod blank to its final position.
Using the round file, file a small notch in the lip of the azalea pot (for the submersible-pump cord).