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express as a round number

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There is absolutely no requirement that funding for the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2017 come from a COLA round down.
According to Robinson, Pierson fired another round down the hallway after wounding Davis.
Twilight and super-twilight rates bring the cost of a Monday-Thursday round down as low as $27 (after 2 p.
Q: My consultant says that when you add up the minutes for rehab for the MDS, you need to round down to the number of minutes closest to the number of 15-minute units.
We were being pushed through the wires backward, straight for the round down.
Maybe you've put on a few pounds - moved up a pants size, started to round down when asked your weight - but you figured it was purely an aesthetic issue.
Michael will have the ride and he knows his way round Down Royal.
A proposal to freeze the standard mileage rate used to determine deductible automobile expenses incurred for the business use of such vehicles at the 1993 level for the 1994 tax year, and thereafter to round down the amount computed by the IRS to the nearest whole cent.
3 grams per tablespoon, which the FDA allows companies to round down to zero.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Testing Of 16W Led Recess Mounted Round Down Lighter.
LOOKS like triples all round down at the Rovers where a Corrie actor makes appearance number three as a third different character.
With the elimination round down to its final week, the postseason picture remains muddled as only San Beda has gained a spot in the semifinals with San Sebastian, Letran, Perpetual Help and Jose Rizal U all in contention for the three slots.
Experts say most wine producers naturally round down the alcohol content.
A Pennies from Heaven scheme, launched at Shire Hall, invites the council's 18,000 employees to round down their monthly pay to the nearest pound and donate the pence left over to the Mary Ann Evans and Myton hospices.