round dancing

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a ballroom dance characterized by revolving movement

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The photographs are of Flash Mob Round Dances at Toronto's Eaton Centre and Dundas Square and show the sheer size of the crowds, the individual intensity and concentration of the singers, and the spirit of celebration on the faces of the people round dancing.
Even after their move into a more conventional neighborhood, the pair still participate in RV park social events, such as round dancing.
He explained that the dancing lights were powerful guardian spirits, the spirits of ancestors round dancing across the northern sky, weaving their way through the black of the night, moving in harmony with the eternal rhythms of Father Sky and Mother Earth.
Activities include horseshoes, ping-pong, volleyball, hiking, fishing, square and round dancing.
She enjoyed square dancing, round dancing and dancing the polka, playing cards, cooking, yard sales, flea markets, hummingbirds and her dogs.
Besides the normal round dancing and square dancing featured at each dance, some clubs now do line dancing.
She was an active member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in West Boylston and its Women's Club, and a member of the Bay Path Square and Round Dancing Clubs.
She spent winters in Arizona and also enjoyed cats, square dancing and round dancing.
The round dancing workshop will run from 9:30 to 11:30 a.
Kirkorian was an avid square dancer and also enjoyed ballroom dancing, round dancing and watching figure skating.