roulette wheel

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game equipment consisting of a wheel with slots that is used for gambling


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ROOL by Roulette Experts[TM] is designed to put the advantage in the hands of the online roulette gamers, enabling him or her to make more accurate bets at the roulette wheel.
Being boring is far better than risking extinction on football's roulette wheel
Get creative, as the person with the most entertaining reason for why they should have the chance to make the ultimate bet - as measured by how much it gets shared online via social channels - will be invited to a secure London venue where [pounds sterling]1m will be up-for-grabs with one spin of the virtual roulette wheel.
Miss Miller told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Amuran was playing the roulette wheel at the casino and the money was gambled away with just pounds 525 being recovered by police.
Like a spinning roulette wheel, no one is yet sure where the issue of casino gaming in Massachusetts will end up.
These two political scientists, authors of a best-selling provoucher publication, Politics, Markets and America's Schools (Brookings, 1990), have shifted their bets from that spoke of the school-reform roulette wheel named "school voucher" to one marked "technological innovation.
There were demonstrations on the roulette wheel and black jack table before the eager players were let loose on the real tables.
CHRISTMAS toy makers have been accused of encouraging children to gamble after selling a roulette wheel for kids as young as THREE.
Would I serve them better by sitting at the slot machines throughout most of the conference or by walking up to the first roulette wheel I encountered and placing the entire $2000.
GAMBLERS are forking out pounds 1000 to buy a hi-tech gadget that can predict where the ball will land on a roulette wheel.
Results at the Riverside, where Steve McClaren's team have beaten Arsenal and Manchester United but lost to Sunderland, are as predictable as a roulette wheel.
They happened onto the technique in their investigations into chaotic phenomena, which include systems that range from a ball moving on a roulette wheel to weather patterns.
Most recyclers got at least one chance to play the roulette wheel, roll the dice, take in a show or otherwise enjoy Las Vegas in March.
Twelve times a week at the Egyptian-themed Luxor hotel, some 1,200 tourists take time off from the roulette wheel and pay as much as $75 to watch three bald, cobalt-blue figures throw food, eat Twinkies, and play giant musical instruments made from PVC piping.
Latin Americans are hesitant to bet even part of their money on the stock market, which many equate with the roulette wheel.