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used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure

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Superhydrophobic surfaces arising from micro-scale roughened hydrophobic materials spontaneously exhibit transitions to become superhydrophilic when their material wetting properties are suitably modified by external stimuli.
Though they have roughened a glass surface so it could scatter light and ward off glare but without hurting the glass's transparency and etched nano-size teeth into the surface to make it anti-reflective, they added that further research is needed to ensure that the surface can withstand heavy touchscreen use.
The device uses Titan's proprietary roughened titanium surface technology, which has been shown to upregulate the production of osteogenic (bone growth) and angiogenic (formation of new blood vessels) factors that are critical for bone growth and fusion.
RELEST Powder PUR Anti-Sticker's slightly roughened surface offers anti-graffiti properties.
If they are smooth, they should be lightly roughened with coarse sandpaper and followed by a prime coat.
There are no villains but the huge heart of this sweet film is roughened by the grindstone of romantic rejection, war, work and the intrusion of past mistakes.
When silicon is treated in a certain way, such as being roughened at the nanoscale level, it traps light by multiple reflections, increasing its solar absorption.
Another drawback was that although the handgrip on the side of the frame is roughened, it is small, and so the camera is certainly not going to be easy handling for a person with large hands.
Removing enamel makes room and provides a slightly roughened surface for the veneers to attach to.
After years of repeated infections, the inner side of eyelid gets roughened so severely that the eyelid turns inward making the eyelashes scratch the cornea.
Dhaka Ten fishing boats capsized overnight while another 10 were reported missing with 140 people onboard as a depression in Bay of Bengal roughened the sea inundating most areas of Bangladesh's southern coastlines.
Greenbacks boss Bernie Cope watched his men take an interval lead in Buckinghamshire before the uncompromising and highly physical hosts roughened things up and took advantage of a bizarre sending off of United keeper Jack Wear to take the points.
As the son of WaltAAEs brother, Roy Oliver Disney, he was animation royalty: He even looked like his uncle and spoke in a similar voice, roughened by smoking.
The recycled plastic used for boardwalks has a WRAP approved roughened anti-slip surface texture which is ideal for wetlands.
This stunning piece from her aptly-named (if you're a Lord of the Rings fan) Precious collection keeps the convention of being a gold band, but the metal is appealingly roughened and studded with diamonds.