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coarse, indigestible plant food low in nutrients


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Previously, it was reported that manipulation of TMR with certain types of roughages and consequently NDF levels may improve feed intake and weight gain in fattening animals (Tufarelli et al.
When this is considered from the dairy cattle point of view, the purpose is to determine a possible increase in the amount of milk production without changing the concentrate feed amount, roughage amount, veterinary expenses, labor force or capital costs.
Mean values of the variables offeedlot lambs fed without roughage diet.
Table 1: Chemical composition of concentrated diet, roughages and Coriadrum sativum [on DM% basis].
Fixed costs (FC=depreciation + opportunity of facilities, machinery, implements and equipment + land opportunity) and variable costs (VC=feeder cattle + health + roughage + concentrate + labor + technique assistance + additional + capital opportunity), effective operational cost (EOC=VC--capital opportunity), total operational cost (TOC= EOC+ depreciation), total cost (TC=FC+VC), gross revenue (GR=revenue with fat cattle sale), gross margin (GM=GR-EOC), net margin (NM= GR-TOC), profit (GR-TC), cost/kg weight gain, cost/@ weight gain, net present value (NPV), index benefit: cost (IB:C), additional return on investment (ROIA); Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and payback period (payback) discounted (PBd) were obtained as presented equations for PACHECO et al.
Eating: Roughage or concentrate feed consumption or tendency for consumption,
First, because the cow's diet is higher in roughage, there is a much higher cream content, which makes for a rich, delicious milk," says Shannon Hayes, PhD in sustainable agriculture and author of The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook.
Washington, June 5 ( ANI ): A new research suggests that the trendy "paleo" diet a plant-based diet inspired by the idea that human ancestors mainly consumed roughage may not be so good at suppressing appetite.
If heavy snow falls, it may be necessary to feed roughage until the snow melts.
If ever there was a word to dissuade dinnertime excitement and conjure instead images of excessive quantities of bland roughage primarily consumed to assist smooth excretion, it's "fiber.
Colleagues at Michigan State University had pre-treated the roughage to make it easier to digest.
The institute in its journey of 18 years has developed farmer friendly technologies like area specific mineral mixture for improving reproduction, promoting areca sheath as a dry roughage, advantages of red light for poultry production, nutraceuticals from agricultural waste for improving gut health, herbal compounds for improving feed and fodder quality and molecular markers for assessing semen quality.
The youth-oriented channel regularly gives us some of the most thought-provoking documentaries on the box, and the latest also offers much-needed TV roughage in a schedule filled with small-screen candy floss.
It's also unlikely grass provides roughage or nutrients that might be missing from the dog's diet, Dr.
The Prime Minister instructed the Minister of Emergency Situations to ensure the delivery of roughage from Chui oblast.