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coarse, indigestible plant food low in nutrients


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05) for the roughages, there was a weak correlation for the determined DRUP values of the concentrates between the MNB and ADIN methods, which showed that the determined DRUP values of some feeds (mainly roughage) can be predicted by the ADIN method, but for most feeds, it was not applicable.
Some ruminants will eat straw, but in general they will leave it alone if they are offered plenty of other roughage.
If ever there was a word to dissuade dinnertime excitement and conjure instead images of excessive quantities of bland roughage primarily consumed to assist smooth excretion, it's "fiber.
Colleagues at Michigan State University had pre-treated the roughage to make it easier to digest.
The youth-oriented channel regularly gives us some of the most thought provoking documentaries on the box, and Life After War (BBC Three, 9pm) offers much-needed TV roughage in a schedule filled with small-screen candy floss.
The youth-oriented channel regularly gives us some of the most thought-provoking documentaries on the box, and the latest also offers much-needed TV roughage in a schedule filled with small-screen candy floss.
The Prime Minister instructed the Minister of Emergency Situations to ensure the delivery of roughage from Chui oblast.
Because not all senior horses require a complete feed with roughage built in, Purina has introduced a more calorically dense formulation specifically designed for the active, aging horse that still has the ability to chew and digest forage effectively.
USDA begins publishing National Biomass Energy Report: USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service has begun a new National Biomass Energy Report which provides information about low-quality forage, roughage and stover prices used in ethanol or energy plants.
Research confirms that grandmothers were right about the importance of roughage in the diet, but issues now treated in the impact of dietary fiber on health are complex and not limited to bowel functioning.
The 'hairs' are in fact papillae, parts of the tongue that would normally wear down when eating a diet with plenty of roughage.
Some cats munch on grass or other plants, but most biologists agree that such roughage serves only as a digestive aid and provides limited if any nutritional value.
recommend eating apples or other foods high in roughage, drinking plenty of water or fruit juice, and avoiding tea, coffee, and alcohol.
For those seeking roughage in their diet one alternative may be Shredded Wheat coated amply with sugar, honey, or treacle, none of which will alter the taste from its origin in a bale of straw.
Driving the increase were the forecast of 8 percent fewer acres planted to maize and 2 percent fewer acres harvested with alfalfa hay, an important source of roughage in dairy cattle feed.