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having surface roughness

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A combination of high loading of coatings, excellent mechanical interlocking, and more efficient waterproofing is the likely reason for the observed superior weathering performance of coated rough-textured surfaces as compared to coated smooth surfaces, and especially so when plywood and penetrating stains are considered.
These each come cooked with fresh corn pressed into a rough-textured, sweetish mixture and steamed in its own husk.
The historian Inga Clendinnen, in the prestigious Boyer Lectures on Australian radio last year, told how she came to grasp `the huge ambition and the huge achievement of traditional Aboriginal paintings' by seeing aerial photographs of the Australian landscape: `great rivers coiling over the land, looping strings of jade waterholes, the subtle gradations of colour in rough-textured scrubs'.
Signs and Symptoms: Persons with scarlet fever have a characteristic rash that is fine, red, rough-textured and blanches upon pressure.
Because it can be rough-textured and brittle, not all tree-free paper is suitable for book publishers, or for copy machines.
The clothing has the rough-textured finish appropriate to hard work, as do the performers themselves.
This creation is a beauty, the kind of book one simply has to hold and touch, its mottled blue-and-white rough-textured cover a delight.
A granita - like a rough-textured sorbet - makes a wonderfully refreshing dessert, so here's an idea for one with sensational flavours.
Actinic keratoses are rough-textured, dry, scaly patches on the skin caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, such as sunlight.
The centerpiece on each table is a large, rough-textured molcajete, a Mexican mortar traditionally used to prepare dishes such as salsa or guacamole.
Smoothly shaped fish, rough-textured fish, and many chubby "cute" fish were produced and placed on our greased baking pans.
Each feature of this powder room enhances the Japanese-inspired design, from the rough-textured grass cloth wallpaper to the furniture-like cabinet and freestanding sink to the bamboo-framed mirror.
You'll find that their rough-textured leaves are far less appetising to these destructive pests.
Contents: Three pates - such as a rough-textured pate maison, a mild country pate called pate campagne and a pate de foie (usually duck liver).
This rough-textured pot would look as appropriate in an ancient village square in Italy, Greece, or Spain as it does in this garden owned by Robert and Carolyn Volk of San Marino, California.