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crude but effective for the purpose at hand

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No rough-and-ready surgery of the Del Mar sort obtained at Cedarwild, else Michael would not have lived.
I had a nice time coming, and no trouble, except the tipsy coachman; but Tom got out and kept him in order, so I was n't much frightened," answered innocent Polly, taking off her rough-and-ready coat, and the plain hat without a bit of a feather.
That's no answer," retorted my uncle, in his rough-and-ready way.
I left instructions, but we live in a rough-and-ready way.
They ran in gaily, and after a long wait in the drawing-room sat down to the rough-and-ready lunch, every dish in which concealed or exuded cream.
But she added: "That does not mean to say that anomalies do not arise from a rough-and-ready rather than an absolute approach.