rough fish

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any fish useless for food or sport or even as bait

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The objective of this project is to provide for large-scale harvest and disposal of rough fish designated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) from Lake Apopka in the Ocklawaha River Basin and Lake George in the St.
Elimination of the rough fish population will free up available nutrients for priority management species, however the total biomass of Mormon Island West following the renovation will likely not exceed the levels reported here.
Check on commercial catch of rough fish from Caddo Lake.
In 1971, a few sharp minds conducted a successful fish-breeding experiment at Richloam, resulting in two significant benefits: 1) A natural control mechanism for runaway rough fish populations, and 2) An exciting new fishery.
We shrugged off Nvinter's arrival and guided the rig out of the icy bay back into the broad mouth of the as yet unfrozen than net where we continued to haul in rough fish after rough fish, racing Mother Nature to keep our favorite archery season alive
The derby helped remove 3,000 predatory rough fish from the lake during last year's competition, and is a nonprofit event to help sustain renewable sport fishing in the lake.
Most years in Oklahoma, the weather is terribly wet in early spring, at least around the Tulsa area, and the renewing rains that turn the countryside a brilliant green also raise lake levels, creeks and backwater sloughs, creating rough fish magnets.
Rough fish such as gar are edible but he's also fed them to a friend's hogs.
Side by side we peddled the four miles, unsupervised by parents, to a little channel of water loaded with rough fish just above Nine Mile Dam.
To locate carp hotspots, contact local fisheries personnel, who are always eager to help anyone who wants to thin out some rough fish.
An estimated 15,000 of the predatory rough fish have been removed by volunteers and derby participants over the past eight years.
Larry once held the world record for the largest cougar ever arrowed (15 7/16 inches), and he was the first bowhunter in Colorado history to take all species listed on the 1960s-era Colorado Sportsman's License: deer, elk, bear, lion, goat, small game, and rough fish.
We didn't mind though, because our barrel was jammed with drum, and we had a terrific time stalking and arrowing these one-of-a kind rough fish.
Most species bowfishers shoot are rough fish, which Webster defines as "a fish that is neither a sport fish nor an important food for sport fishes.
There are two reasons: rough fish, especially species like buffalo and gar, move in great numbers onto shallow flats at night to feed; and nearly all fish-spooking disturbance caused by daytime boat traffic is gone, so the fish are infinitely more relaxed and, as you'll see, far easier to approach.