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a preliminary sketch of a design or picture


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Winter's Stillness #1 is from 1985: a top border illustrates the title in Currier & Ives cliches; below it there's a rough drawing of the map of the U.
If an IP&R client chooses the company's industrial design services, the goPROTO team will take the client's rough drawing and re-design it to reflect proper form, fit and function.
He made a rough drawing and started producing the painting in his studio the following day.
A series of rough drawings captures key elements, and these are refined into an idea for a piece.
At basic conceptual stages, developers have an idea of what they want to do and they eventually distill the process of making visuals, perspectives, and create rough drawings.
The designers talk about the car development process and demonstrate sketching based on the rough drawings created by the students.
Above all, The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation lives up to its title with a grand treasure trove of art - rough drawings, storyboards, production cels in full color, vintage studio photographs, and much more, on almost every page.
Then his surreal sense of the comic would kick in and five or six rough drawings would arrive.
The next step includes producing a series of rough drawings that are continually updated until the design meets every level of client satisfaction.
Her first book, Bertie and Small and the Brave Sea Journey, was published in 1999 and since then she has helped to create 25 exquisitely illustrated children's books "I get the text," she says, "then I work with my art editor on rough drawings before doing the final artwork which can take six to eight months.
Then there are the notes I make in the form of rough drawings, often not much more than scribbles in truth, but these doodles help me visualise some aspects of the book or simply help free up the mind a little and keep it soft, the thoughts malleable.
While the final copies of each cartoon were stored in chronological order, the rough drawings were scattered in several small filing cabinets.
They would bring him these ugly rough drawings of things such as hood ornaments, napkin holders, motorcycle wheels, guitar stands, anything you could possibly imagine.
Presidential Temples is full of anecdotes and stories of presidential commemoration, beginning with the rough drawings of Franklin D.
On the envelope were rough drawings of Christmas trees.