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bushy houseplant having white to pale pink flowers followed by racemes of scarlet berries

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Aside from the bees at the Rouge plant, Ford rescued tens of thousands of other honeybees this summer.
The noted federal judge Damon Keith said in an autobiographical sketch that his father, Perry Keith, married Annie Williams in Atlanta on December 12, 1906, and moved to Michigan to work at Ford's River Rouge plant foundry.
The retired forklift operator, who worked at the Ford Motor Company's Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan, for more than 60 years, donated more than $1 million to educational institutions and charities before he died last November 2 at age 81.
At the Ford River Rouge plant, auto workers collectively staged a more direct and vigorous physical challenge to managerial authority.
The company's Rouge Plant, a 15 million-square-foot symbol of the industrial age, was built by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan in 1917.
Upon seeing the article, fellow workers told me of seeing swastikas embossed into a Rouge plant powerhouse turbine and valve castings, indicating Hitler-era manufacture in Germany.
The pipeline will connect the inlet of the Baton Rouge plant with FGT's Chacahoula lateral.
security man at the strike-bound Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Mich.
Attempting to correct noise or modify contrast in an image based on data scanned from Figure 4, a photograph of the Ford Rouge Plant, could result in distortion of shapes and subtle changes in the perspective of the image.
s River Rouge plant - voted to join the United Auto Workers.
In Talking Union, nearly two dozen individuals, including seventeen retired production workers from Ford's River Rouge plant, discuss their roles in the organization of United Auto Workers Local 600, and in the vicious power struggle that racked the local in the postwar era.
Gone are the days of Ford's Baton Rouge plant, when companies could dominate all steps of the production and distribution chain.
Polyolefin supplies are already so tight that materials suppliers are nervous about possible disruptions of the market from any unplanned plant outages-like the explosion and fire at Exxon's Baton Rouge plant last month (see p.
Charles Sheeler painted River Rouge Plant, an example of precisionism, or the use of austere line and proportion to convey a feeling of the architectural and mechanical.