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Synonyms for roue

an immoral or licentious man

Synonyms for roue

a dissolute man in fashionable society

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Simon Roue, head of equity capital markets at Deutsche Securities in Tokyo, says trading houses and beverage and other consumer-related firms were in focus because they have been very active in acquisitions.
Accompanied by Mother Roue, we peered out of the train window at middle England and played guess the next train stop, which amused us far more than work would on a rainy April morning.
Performances included poet Les Barker, Dawnswyr Glyndwer and local bands Revurb and the Roue.
Aattou isn't quite up to her amour fou-ish level, but he lends unusual depth and intelligence to the role of a roue with good intentions and a heart he can't deny.
The 60-metre wheel arrived in Birmingham in 2004, replacing its French predecessor, the Roue de Paris, and it was expected to stay until January 2007.
PENSIONER Margaret Roue has hit out at an eyesore she says is blighting part of Longford in Coventry.
And I am convinced that the adventures of Shane, the kindhearted sexual roue, are based on my early life.
The latest coup is its acquisition of La Roue du Pays d'Auge which specialises in the manufacture of wood-fired pizzas, a leading style in France which accounts for 22% of the domestic market but is so far unknown in the UK.
People we take for granted now--Frances Foster, (the late) Adolph Caesar and Geoffrey Cambridge, Cicely Tyson, Esther Roue, and Rosaline Cash, along with director/producers Douglas Turner Ward and Robert Hooks--created the space and maintained it for over a decade.
The complaint was signed by Ninth Judicial District Court Judge John Roue.
Ces individus se sont egalement empares, apres avoir roue de coups le proprietaire des betes, d'une somme d'argent appartenant a leur victime.
A documentary released around the of his Ringleader Of The Tormentors album, that heralded as a modern day Oscar Wilde, served to portray him as a catty old roue, fawning over his fading movie star neighbours in Hollywood rather than wit he would probably prefer.
Dans le communique, l'Union a affirme que le but de combattre ce terrorisme est de permettre a la roue de la production de redemarrer et preparer l'atmosphere aux investissements.