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Synonyms for roue

an immoral or licentious man

Synonyms for roue

a dissolute man in fashionable society

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I think there is going to be some interesting activity off the back of acquisitions or in preparation for them," Roue said.
Accompanied by Mother Roue, we peered out of the train window at middle England and played guess the next train stop, which amused us far more than work would on a rainy April morning.
Contemporary and revolutionary, the Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde has given time a new philosophy, in which aesthetics and engineering go hand in hand.
Performances included poet Les Barker, Dawnswyr Glyndwer and local bands Revurb and the Roue.
PENSIONER Margaret Roue has hit out at an eyesore she says is blighting part of Longford in Coventry.
And I am convinced that the adventures of Shane, the kindhearted sexual roue, are based on my early life.
Les dernieres annees du XIIIeme siecle connurent l'apparition presque simultanee de deux solutions, d'ailleurs tres semblables, a ce probleme de l'echappement, "au Nord des Alpes, la barre oscillante du foliot, et en Italie, la roue oscillante" (White 124).
A charming Czech roue named Frantisek Louka (Zdenek Sverak) leads a life of quiet dissipation.
Upon the young couple's return to England, Trevelyan becomes increasingly jealous of attentions paid to Emily by an aging roue.
People we take for granted now--Frances Foster, (the late) Adolph Caesar and Geoffrey Cambridge, Cicely Tyson, Esther Roue, and Rosaline Cash, along with director/producers Douglas Turner Ward and Robert Hooks--created the space and maintained it for over a decade.
A brave but ineffectual commander; he is reputed to have been a roue and a ladies' man.
Cela se traduit par davantage de couple attribue dans les virages a la roue arriere exterieure, vous permettant de maintenir votre trajectoire avec precision.
Ces individus se sont egalement empares, apres avoir roue de coups le proprietaire des betes, d'une somme d'argent appartenant a leur victime.
Chief executive Jean-Marc Roue and a team of around 20 shareholders stormed aboard to break the blockade, it emerged last night.
OAPs Bill and Audrey Roue have lived on either side of the Border for 15 years.