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Synonyms for rotundity

the roundness of a 3-dimensional object

the fullness of a tone of voice


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George takes the wheel until Tim has blown himself up to the extreme of rotundity.
Tenders are invited for Rotundity Gauge For Bgc Wheel.
Adams was dubbed "His Rotundity," meant to contrast him with the physically imposing Washington and Jefferson, and the Jeffersonian press printed chilling and politically incorrect expressions from the Defence, such as "Wealth, Birth, and Virtue form the best men," or that limited monarchy is the best government (superior to republicanism).
Having morphed from a puny teenager into comfortable middle age rotundity I have never given my weight or size a second thought.
Now in the year 1942, by a coincidence which should fortify astrologers, the earth's rotundity again opens new vistas, this time not of fabulous continents ready to be ransacked, but of a fabulous world ready to be unified and restored.
One circular, unifying space for Hawthorne is the "huge, black rotundity of the Pantheon.
And thou, all-shaking thunder, Strike flat the thick rotundity o' th' world, Crack Nature's moulds, all germains spill at once, That makes ingrateful man
Taunted as a child at school for his rotundity and for smelling of fish and groceries (his family lived above a store), he had developed a sharp wit and could fire off funny rebuttals with the best of them.
This amounts to saying that the modernity of the city disappears before the 'huge, black rotundity of the Pantheon' (456) and especially that the city is seen through the bewildered eyes of the foreign visitors.
It's easy to see why they adopted the Red Stocking style of dress which shows their calves in all their magnitude and rotundity.
These were produced from the late 1840s; known as "gutties," they were said to surpass the older leather balls "in the matter of cheapness and rotundity.
but he had to say: "Now, if you want a geographical survey, if you want a lot of astronomical figures, if you want a lot of scientific material, then organize your geographical surveys and authorize them to get out there and dig and hunt bugs and investigate fossils and discover the rotundity of the earth and take astronomical observations.
18) The satellite, for example, marks the disappearance of the horizon, and renders the terrestrial body obsolete, and its rotundity irrelevant.
And thou, all-shaking thunder, / Strike flat the thick rotundity o' th' world
This rotundity is the distinguishing feature in Ethiopian sculpture, more bulky and clumsy than Egypt, but pleasing to the eye" (537).