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Synonyms for rottenness

Synonyms for rottenness

in a state of progressive putrefaction

the quality of rotting and becoming putrid

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The stability of and certainty in the rottenness of the government had brought with it a certain degree of comfort, but it was now gone.
Rottenness is universally endemic, disease is paramount.
The rottenness of its educational system is a living testimony of the backwardness of its polity and total lack of vision of its rulers.
diplomats showed Tunisians that the rottenness of the regime was obvious not just to them but to the whole world -- and that it was a source of shame for Tunisia on an international stage.
It is a mixture of puzzlement and terror vis-Ea-vis the major changes which are being witnessed in the Arab world and are shedding light on the extent of the rottenness on the internal levels, and the expiry of the exploitation of foreign threats to uphold the oppression, tyranny and disregarding of the freedoms.
The problems of an activist judiciary are well known, and Buckley's arguments will be familiar, yet they add to the vivid portrait drawn by this consummate Washington player exposing the rottenness inside the Beltway.
Your strivings trip from untrue to untrue, but in such various and unending chain that all that here is rottenness or bane there to a match or meld with truth slips through.
Such actions would, according to Secretary Mellon, "purge the rottenness out of the system.
There have been some tiny indications that hardcore satire about the rottenness of human nature has gone about as far as it can go.
This ambivalence left critics split not only over the work's aesthetic unity but also over whether the down-at-the-heels setting exemplified the overall rottenness of American city life or the miniature beauties and democratic potential inherent in the nation's neighborhood spaces.
Andrew Mellon, the United States Treasury Secretary at the time, talked about liquidating workers, farmers, stocks, and real estate in order "to purge the rottenness out of the system.
Every small detail that revealed externally its inner rottenness was closely examined.
This reader would have placed more emphasis on the political rottenness in a number of places--for Indiana was far from the worst example and, indeed, as Calhoun implies, was likely to have gone for Harrison even with the two parties competing with Mugwump scrupulousness.
As Michael Bronski put it in his review of the film, "The rottenness runs so deep that no one is spared.
Some excerpted examples, with misspellings preserved and liberties taken on line placement, only to highlight the sweet rottenness of the cadence: