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Synonyms for rottenness

Synonyms for rottenness

in a state of progressive putrefaction

the quality of rotting and becoming putrid

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in small numbers--now the people Israel "are compared to cedar wood in which rottenness prevails.
The images of rats, beetles and other insects signifying rottenness, as are recurrent in Women in Love, are not found in this novel.
The interesting part is that this unprecedented crisis in Turkey has been reduced to infighting by some, which overshadows the rottenness that has surfaced and needs legal scrutiny.
And it is this refusal to deal with the rottenness in its own ranks that is now tarnishing the force as a whole and, with it, the reputations of all the decent cops who deserve our respect.
The rottenness, decay, dissolution, degradation of his historical age reflects itself in the "semantic limbo" (Johnson 2011: 78) of the texts inside which the very idea of contradiction eventually breaks down.
Here are five notable power hitters, whose foul behavior is ranked by their (statistically arbitrary) Earned Rottenness Averages.
A vote for our basic rottenness comes from scholars such as Steven Pinker of Harvard, who has documented how it is the regulating forces of society, rather than human nature, that have brought a decline in human violence over the centuries.
She adds, "There is unignorable statistical evidence of this cultural rottenness.
He added that the regime has gained a superficial power through psychological warfare by imperialist media, "but the regime is suffering from chronic rottenness and decadence intrinsically and this reality will soon be unveiled for all".
You tell me, where can you find the rottenness in this context?
By doing so, they allow the entrance of microorganisms and induce deformations, rottenness and fruit fall.
The neighboring countries especially ASEAN China and India because of their selfish motives under the beautifully coined word of Constructive Engagement Policy have help prolong the military administrations in Burma and only now because of the punitive actions of the West that the rottenness of the dictatorship was reveal now should help Burma to be on the right road.
A few days after potatoes were dug from the ground, they began to turn into a slimy, decaying, blackish mass of rottenness.
The rottenness of its educational system is a living testimony of the backwardness of its polity and total lack of vision of its rulers.
diplomats showed Tunisians that the rottenness of the regime was obvious not just to them but to the whole world -- and that it was a source of shame for Tunisia on an international stage.