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the axis around which the major rotor of a helicopter turns

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Rotor head on the other hand, apply water more uniformly than spray heads, and are better for watering slopes or larger areas such as lawns.
It's a lot easier to see how the lifting ring screws into the rotor head of a Chinook when you see a video clip of someone actually twisting it on-as opposed to seeing a black and white photo," said mechanical engineer Dan Nonnemacher.
Damage to the helicopter was assessed after an inspection of the dynamic components, including the rotor blades, extenders, the main rotor head, and gearbox.
Flight Lieutenant Ian Griffiths, who took part in the rescue operation, said: ``We attached straps to the rotor head and to the underside of our helicopter and we lifted it out of the valley.
The rotor head and the tail is the same as legacy H-60s, the Bravo and Foxtrot.
Jaime Beggs discovered failing blade pins while inspecting the main rotor head on an HH-60 Pave Hawk that had just returned from a mission.
The fluxes can eliminate plugging in the shaft, rotor head or both, resulting in savings in the cost of the shaft and rotor and in downtime.
Even more surprising was the observation that heating the rotor from the center provided the same temperature over the entire rotor head.
Adjusting the arc of a gear-drive rotor head is similar for all brands.
The rotor head is definitely of SA 330 Puma origin, but although Armscor did indeed confirm that the engines were new builds based on substantially improved versions of the Turmo (incidentally already used on the South African Pumas), the manufacturer declined to provide more technical data.
The preliminary report said the helicopter was cruising at 2000ft when the main rotor head and mast suddenly detached.
No adjustments had been made to the main rotor head, and no maintenance had been done on the plane.
If you change or move the flight controls while performing maintenance, the rotor blades and rotor head pitch varying housing are adjusted to a pitched angled position.